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Funko: Suicide Squad 3.75-inch Action Figures

Luckily, April Fool’s Day is behind us, so you can take my looking at some 1:18 scale figures seriously.

In a curious case of course-changing, Funko has gone from a massive collector-builder with their Pop! and ReAction figures, to briefly a bold new shooter in 6-inch figures, back to safer fare with some 3.75-inch figures. The ReAction line has become a very nostalgia-driven fan favorite, with it’s simple sculpts and articulation evoking (arguably the worst of) the original Kenner Star Wars figures. The 6-inch Legacy lines were full of potential, but were maybe a bridge too far and were plagued with quality issues. This new 3.75-inch format appeared to be somewhat a mix of the two, combining some of the sculpt and articulation of the 6-inch with the smaller and simpler format of the former. Their Game of Thrones line migrated to this style, and it looks like a few others may join them.

Let’s start with packaging. Like the ReAction line, the size and blister are very minimal, but, for these Suicide Squad figures, the style is pretty slick. With the classic bomb shape and some unique elements for each character, these figures have an impressive shelf presence, which is strange since they don’t appear to have found a retail home yet.

The figures themselves are a little peculiar in their presentation as well. Done in the true 1:18 scale as opposed to the 4 inches of more recent lines, these figures seem to be straddling a lot of lines. They are more detailed and slightly more articulated than the very basic style of ReAction, but their size and still fairly basic poseability keep them at a distance from their modern counterparts. Really, they evoke much more of the 1990s Kenner lines to me than Joes or Star Wars, albeit at a different scale, but of course these are based on a 2016 movie, so the nostalgia only extends to the overall style, not the figures themselves. I realize that ReAction has done more modern stuff like these, but it feels funny to me compared to the more vintage properties. As I said, they’re a little strange.

The first handful of figures released include Joker, Harley, and an underwater gear Batman. All three share the same articulation, which would be cut shoulders, neck, and hips, and hinged elbows and knees. Joker’s design limits his range a little bit, but they all work pretty well for what they are.

I think I may have misled myself into thinking the prototypes had slightly more articulation than this, but truly what you see is what you get. The plastic quality feels okay, but I notice some tightness in Joker’s shoulders that make me a little worried that Funko still hasn’t solved that gummy plastic issue.

The sculpt and paint work is pretty nice for the scale; it easily meets or exceeds what was done with Mattel’s Multiverse figures, while maybe not quite hitting the high notes of the last new Joes. Joker and Harley especially come out ahead, with pretty solid face sculpts and really nice detail paints. Batman’s design lets him hide his sculpt, but the texturing of the suit is not bad for the size. Accessory-wise, Harley has a pretty solid bat, with the “Good Night” on the side; Batman has a decent batarang; and Joker gets nada. He borrows a Joe Uzi for some pics.

In trying to find suitable companions, I ran across some of my Joes from the 2002 reboot, which appear to have some similar style and design, and I’d say they look decent with them. I’ve not picked up any of the simpler-articulated 3.75-inch Star Wars figures, but I’d assume they could work as well.

While a fun diversion, I’m not sure about recommending these figures — mostly because I don’t know who to recommend them to! These might not make sense for a ReAction collector, but really don’t fit in a modern 1:18 collection either. Given their exclusivity, I had thought maybe these were just one-offs, but it does look like there are plans to continue with Suicide Squad, adding more characters, and then there are the GoT figures, so maybe if you are a fan of that line, or just the properties, these might be of interest. It looks like there’s going to be some 1966 Batman in this style as well, and those will probably be a great fit for this type of line. Much like ReAction, if they pick up a particular character or property that you’re fond of, it’s tough not to form a little side collection.

4 thoughts on “Funko: Suicide Squad 3.75-inch Action Figures

  1. I saw these figures in a local, for lack of a better name, “geek stuff store”, and was wondering if they were knockoffs or something only released in non-US countries. They’re simple, but, like the ReAction line, have some novelty.

  2. He’s from Mattel’s “Batman/Superman: Public Enemies” line which re-purposed both original and updated Infinite Heroes sculpts. More specifically he’s from the Captain Atom/Batman/Black Lightning three pack.

  3. These are interesting figures. I was curious about them once first announced, they seem to be exactly what I thought they’d be, but I don’t collect in this scale anymore. I’m really looking forward to their Rick and Morty figures coming next month!

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