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ToyBiz: Marvel Legends Series 6 Deadpool

I was going to try and cheat on this review by taking pictures of the Knock-Off Deadpool that I just bought and posting them. BECAUSE, when I got my ORIGINAL To Biz Deadpool, he was so floppy and I hated the chest strap that I poorly superglued the joints and chopped up the chest strap and belt. But then I thought, if it were 2004, this is how I’d be reviewing it: all chopped and superglue-y.

As mentioned, this figure came out in ToyBiz’s amazing run of action figures. The year was 2004 and Marvel Legends collectors were elated with joy as their favorite X-Verse superhero made his debut. It would be his only figure for a while. So we were really happy. Until it became apparent that he was really hard to find, because everyone wanted him and there might have been low production numbers. Which is why you can find a carded one for around $200 on eBay. And why I picked up a knock-off.

Right, so, dilemma: review my chopped up one, buy a new one, or get a knock-off and review it? I channeled my inner Norm and went with the original. Therefore, superglue blotches, superglue mess and chopped up chest harness. I did take pics of my original Deadpool with the knock-off so you could see the differences.

Deadpool is on the Spider-Man Classics Daredevil base with some newly sculpted lower calves, feet, lower arms, and hands. And two heads, of course. Back in the day this was the best body that ToyBiz created, and it was a great fit for a character like Deadpool. It’s a good bit larger than average build and has some good height to it.

The articulation is still one of the better examples of engineering as much movement into a figure as possible. The shoulders hinge up, and I can only think of how cooler this figure could have been if ToyBiz had figured out how to engineer the shoulders with S.H. Figuarts double shoulder balls. Many will complain that this base figure looks too much like a marionette, sacrificing sculpt for articulation. And there is some truth to that, but you also have to remember — in 2004 this was still revolutionary.

Right Side Knock-Off, Left Side Original

Deadpool is packed with swag: two swords, two AK’s, a pistol, a base, and Doop. Yes, Doop. Back then ToyBiz would do things like pack a small character in with another one. It was a great way to get a Doop or Howard the Duck.

Right Side Knock-Off, Left Side Original

I like this Deadpool. It was a great figure to have. But you only really need it in your collection if you are collecting ToyBiz Marvel Legends. The two Hasbro versions are perfect for your modern Marvel Legends collection, especially the Juggernaut Series Deadpool.

14 thoughts on “ToyBiz: Marvel Legends Series 6 Deadpool

  1. I sold my original one in the Marvel Legends Purge of ’04. The only thing I kept by accident was the unmasked head and one AK along with Doop. Fast forward to last year, I saw him in a shop called Steel Collectibles in Kennesaw, GA with everything except the unmasked head and an AK. It’s called fate people. And for a reasonable price. This is the only Deadpool that isn’t with my Deadpool display. It’s got it’s own spot.

  2. Does my heart good to know all my blood, sweat and tears I put into those things is appreciated! Funny you should ask what I’m working on now! Just above deecee4 asked about Nerdcast which is a podcast I did with Jordu Schell and a few other guys. Jordu is an incredible designer of movie creatures and monsters. Everyone has seen his work even if they don’t know it! He is putting together his own short horror film, and I am helping him with some hideous, terrifying, creatures for that!

  3. NERDCAST! Haven’t thought about that for some time! Well, we didn’t officially stop, it’s just tough to get all the guys together at the same time! It sure was fun though! Send a message to Jordu at his website and request, since it was his studio where we always got together, maybe it will light a fire under him!

  4. The real treasure here is Doop. Popular as he is, you know Hasbro could always re-up on a new Deadpool in the future. We’ll likely never see any X-Statix character in Marvel Legends form. Ever. This is the only one to tide over fans.

  5. Thank you for the great work. This much heart and soul makes it art in my mind. Let us know what your working on now!

  6. man, that first picture of Deadpool from behind makes those sword scabbards look like they were MADE out of AKs, and I thought that was the most awesome thing ever.

  7. Thank you. It’s nice to know some of the older things I’ve worked on are still being enjoyed!

  8. ahah whoa awesome! love meeting the sculptors of the things i literally have inside my house

    good job!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the nice review and comments, guys. I sculpted this figure for Toybiz way back when. The original sculpt I did had the shoulders slightly more inset into the torso. It retained all the range of motion and also looked a little better. The production hip balls were also made a bit smaller and the width of the crotch was made wider. It wasn’t really necessary as the original proportions were sufficient for the mechanics inside. In the production process sometimes things get altered for one reason or another, or sometimes for no reason at all!

  10. Got super lucky a long time ago. Got one in store but lost the masked head in a move across town. Was able to pick up a second loose one at a comic book store that didn’t know what it had. Got the loose one for $10.

    Still love this figure. It’s a top pick in my collection. The articulation really lets you pull off some great poses that the others just can’t.

  11. I found one at Walmart, but his harness was torn. I stupidly left him there thinking, “Oh, I’ll see him again.”

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