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Herocross: Hybrid Metal Figuration #018 Olaf from Frozen and Other Updates

Hero 86 Hybrid Metal Figuration 018 Olaf Frozen Featured

I’ve fallen behind on my Hybrid Metal Figuration archive. This one got past me, and then a few more. Bad Robo!

Olaf is not the newest announcement to the line but he is the most interesting. Yes, I know the movie was a box office smash, and I even catch myself humming that song every now and then, but when I say interesting I mean it in the sense¬†that I don’t know what the hell is going on with the figure itself. It comes apart. Parts switch around, but there are no pegs. Look at the legs. Olaf goes from sitting to standing but there is no articulation. The figure IS metal, so maybe it’s magnets? Maybe it’s magic? Probably magnets. Which are magical. So by interesting I mean it’s not like the rest of the line where it has traditional articulation points and such. In the arms, yeah, but the rest? Hmmmm.

Herocross is proud to present the Olaf from Disney’s Frozen our Hybird Metal Figuration family.

The new Hybird Metal Olaf is complete with 2 interchangable head and 2 removable carrot nose.

[Product Details]
License: Frozen
Item Size: 14cm (5.51″) tall.
Material: Metal, PVC

[Set Contents]
-Olaf figure equipped with 2 interchangable head and 2 removable carrot nose and Die-Cast Action Body with over 20 points of articulation.
-Happy Face Olaf Head x 1
-Sad Face Olaf Head x 1
-Display Stand x 1
-Carrot Nose x 2

He is up for pre-order at BigBadToyStore, coming in March ’15 and running $95. Higher than most other new Hybrid Metal Figurations. Why? MAGIC! Or popularity. I notice Boba Fett and Predator are higher, along with Prime.

Now to other updates. I did an archive article chronicling the whole line up to #015 Movie Optimus Prime. Olaf is #018. Pabs covered #016 Boba Fett here but I didn’t even know about #17, much less #019 and #020, until Olaf popped up in my newsfeed. So, here are the rest.

Heavy Metal Figuration #017 – The Flash

Fitting right in with the Batman and Superman from this same line, Flash takes to the odd proportions nicely due to his mask. Superman didn’t fare as well.

Heavy Metal Figuration #019 – Sandtrooper

Again, another great addition to a different franchise already represented within the line with Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. Yeah, it’s mostly a re-deco, but that’s how these things go. Don’t be surprised to see more Star Wars coming.

Heavy Metal Figuration #020 – Scar Predator

Here’s one out of left field. When I think of this line, I think of cute versions of fairly mainstream, all ages type characters. Don’t get me wrong, Predator has a place in the mainstream. All ages even. But I think of that franchise as more down and dirty. Bloody. But I’ll be damned if he doesn’t look adorable in this line.

Hero 86 Hybrid Metal Figuration 020 Predator

Like I said in the original archive article, this is my lottery line. I would love to have them all but it’s just not financially feasible. Pretty to look at though.