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ThreeA Toys Review – Andy the MK2 Square

Offered as a limited drop on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day (depending on where one lives), Andy the MK2 Square began landing in collectors’ laps late last week. The price was $65 shipped worldwide and he sold out rather quickly, lasting only a few minutes on Bambaland before stressed-out collectors began to experience the reviled “cartjack” that occurs so often with limited drops like this one. And if the above pic wasn’t enough of a hint, the name “Andy” is a direct reference to Andy Warhol.

As far as Andy’s packaging goes, the picture basically says it all: a small box with some Andy Warhol-influenced artwork that appears to be a cropped version of the print that was included.

Andy's packaging

Andy is an MK2 Square with one cycloptic eye; longer, extendable legs; and an overall design very much influenced by Andy Warhol’s iconic “Brillo Pad” piece. This little guy also features Ashley Wood’s signature weathered look that adorn the majority of his robots and figures. The “rust” is an convincing as ever and succeeds in adding that crucial element of realism that separates ThreeA toys from many of its peers.

Andy is in 1/6th scale and stands about 5.5″ with his legs in a crouching position (see above). Even in this position he has a substantial height advantage over his predecessor, the MK1. With his legs fully extended, he stands about 7″ tall. The extended legs add a lot of personality to the figure and make him a bit more dynamic and fun to play around with than the MK1 with it’s stubby little legs.

Top view
Grampa! Tell us about the '60s again!
I'm not sure what to make of you...

In addition to the figure itself, ThreeA included an exclusive print featuring Andy rendered very much in the style of the late Mr. Warhol. The print is also signed by Mr. Wood himself, so… bonus!

The print and the figure were both shipped in a rather large box so as to prevent any damage to the print. The print was also reinforced by cardboard and wrapped in plastic to ensure it’s arrival in frame-worthy condition.

Signature. "A" for Ashley.

Andy is a fun little figure from the “World War Robots” universe. He’s a great stand-alone figure if a collector isn’t really into collecting all the WWR Squares, but, by the same token, he’s also a fantastic addition to a growing WWR Square collection. Unfortunately, due to his limited release and his quick sell out, he may be a bit hard to track down at this point and the usual aftermarket spots may be the only hope for someone trying to snag one.  But there’s so much to like about this little guy that it should be worth it in the end.

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