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CC30: Dead Alive Minimates by Luke Porter

Today Diamond Select Toys announced that they would be releasing Minimates based on Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead), the classic zombie film by Peter Jackson. These Minimates will coincide with the release of their new Maximum Zombies Minimates. Characters from the first wave were revealed today, including:

Lionel Cosgrove with lawnmower and Half Head Zombie

Faceless Zombie
Zombie Vera Cosgrove ("Mum")
Zombie Void

Uncle Les
Father McGruder
Light-Up Zombie

Another figure was also announced, Paquita (Lionel’s girlfriend) with Zombie Uncle Les head, but this figure was not on display. Each character comes packed with some severed limbs and heads as a bonus. A Dead Alive diorama was also on display, allowing scenes from the film to be recreated in all of their gory detail.

To celebrate this release, Chuck and Zach from DST wore full zombie make-up that was applauded by fans for it’s realism. Those same fans were soon running and screaming in terror as Chuck and Zach tried to bite them. DST staff later described this as “method acting” and handed out free Minimates to all of their former “victims”.

4 thoughts on “CC30: Dead Alive Minimates by Luke Porter

  1. These are insanely awesome. The detail work is pitch-perfect and this is the perfect property to embrace – one of my favorites! I kick ass for the lord indeed.

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