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CC30: AHNULD by craarl


Laydeez und gentuhlmen, foar yore considuraschun I present to you a collecshun of the greatest custom acshun figyores eva made!

Heah you vill find manly little plastic muscle men from some of my smazh heet moovies that have changed the wurld of seenima.

I’ve bean asked to keep dis short or schtop typing like this as little gurly men find eet hard to reed… so ah’ll be bach to axsept my award once dis entry has won the competishun.

EDIT: I’ve just bean infourmed dat eets knot a competishun und just a showkayse uf custom acshun figyores, I apollojeyes to all uf the other entrants whooze toys I destroyed befour I was made aware uf thees fact


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