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Hurricane Hordak and Leech Carded

Matty did not take off early for the weekend and posted up images of the brand-spankin’ new Hurricane Hordak and Leech figures that will release in September. Check ’em out!

Happy weekend everyone. Just got in carded MOTUC figure early samples for September! Enjoy the new bios and shots. Check out the cool vac metal on Hordak (still adjusting it, these are not final final)



The first modern variant of Hordak is here! The arm attachments are compatible with Roboto and Trap Jaw. He is a quarterly variant and part of Club Eternia.
Hordak's new bio. Not to worry, more info is coming soon if this one creates more questions then it answers!
Leech is ready for September release as a monthly figure for Club Eternia! Note that he will have his shoulder pad and arm band. You can see it on the lower arm. It slipped down in this early sample (it was the only one we had to photograph at this time!)
Leech's new bio and card back.

1 thought on “Hurricane Hordak and Leech Carded

  1. Leech absolutely rules my world! Great job on this figure, Matty. I can’t wait to see the video reviews once guys like Pixel Dan have their comps.

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