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BigBadToyStore FansProject Pre-order

One of our sponsors, BigBadToyStore, dropped us a line to let us know that FansProject CA-04 and CA-05 are available for preorder. FansProject is a group that is producing limited runs of transforming toys that are compatible with other transforming toys lines like Hasbro’s Transformers Classics.

FansProject brings us three Insecticon like exclusives which are all now available for preorder at BigBadToyStore.

You can follow news and updates at FansProject’s web page:

1 thought on “BigBadToyStore FansProject Pre-order

  1. As a huge fan of the G1 Insecticons who could never quite get into their limited poseability, etc., I’m greatly looking forward to these! Now why can’t Hasbro make anything this cool!?

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