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Outer Space Men Test Shots

Mystron Test Shot

Mystron Test Shot

The Four Horsemen have shared pics of new Outer Space Men test shots at their website.  Click through for more pics!

An extremely limited number of the 2011 SDCC exclusive “Alpha Phase Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4” will be going up for pre-order this Friday night at 9:00pm EST at Store Horsemen!

We received images of the first test shots of OSM waves 3 & 4 a couple of days ago, and not only are we going to share those with you over the next couple days, but we’re also going to give you a sneak peek at what the colors for the SDCC exclusive OSM figures will be – via some spectacular color mechanicals done by our old pal Matt Doughty (owner and creator of the awesome Glyos line of action figures), and the creator and owner of the Outer Space Men himself – the mysterious Mel Birnkrant!!

Also, we took some photos of the final paint-masters of the Infinity Edition Outer Space Men waves 3 & 4 figures (those are the classic looking, fully painted ones), and sent those images off to Mr. Birnkrant. Mel worked some amazing Photoshop magic on those and dropped the modern OSM figures into the classics backgrounds of the original card-backs! We’ll start revealing some of those incredible images in the next few days as well!

I’m really digging the look on these guys, even more than the first few figures from OSM.  I think it’s the bubble space helmets.  I love that retro look…

Mystron SDCC Clear version colors.
Commander Commet Test Shot
Commander Comet SDCC Colors
Electron Test Shot
Electron SDCC Colors
Alpha 7 Test Shot

I think this little guy is my favorite.  I could see building an army of the little guys.

Alpha 7 SDCC Colors

I think this color scheme is going to look really slick.  I picked up a few of the OSM figures at the con last year, and though they aren’t my normal cup of tea, they are really neat little figures.  My son really loves the little monsters from wave one.