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DCUC Review – Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang is one of the more anticipated figures from this wave for me.  He is a classic Flash rogue, but I became a fan of ‘ol Boomerbutt from reading the John Ostrander written Suicide Squad book.  Well, maybe fan isn’t the right word as he’s a despicable character, but I enjoyed reading his exploits.  Digger Harkness was killed in the controversial ‘Identity Crisis’ storyline and was recently resurrected and given a costume redesign (which this figure is based on) in the ‘Blackest Night’ storyline.

Turn on the bloody lights!


Captain Boomerang comes with one boomerang and a Collect and Connect piece from Apache Chief.  The boomerang is pretty thin and is cast in a rubbery plastic so it can get bent up pretty easily.  I could have gone for a couple extra boomerangs.  His hands are also pretty large for holding such a dinky boomerang.  It could have been cool to have a dedicated hand sculpt for boomerang holding.


I think this figure is mostly based on one of the thinner, newer bodies in DCUC – I’m thinking it’s the Creeper.  The jacket is an overlay piece and the boomerang bandolier is built into the jacket.  The scarf is a seperate piece glued around the neck, is pretty flexible and has a nice flow to it.

End of the line, Flasher.

I love the headsculpt.  He’s got a pretty great self satisfied, smug expression on his face and I dig the stubbly beard.  I’ve seen folks on-line say he resembles Seth Green, though I don’t really see that.  If I had to pick an actor he resembles, I think the wicked little grin and short cropped beard reminds me most of Hugh Laurie from Fox’s ‘House’.

Captain Cold is on a figure stand in this pic to make him a little taller.

I was thinking the ‘thin’ DCUC base body might be a little too thin for this character, but between the bulk of the jacket, bandolier and scarf he looks appropriately sized.

Height comparison with Captain Cold.


Boomer has the standard DCUC articulation with the addition of double knees and elbows.  The addition of the double joints do add a little extra length to the arms making them look a little odd proportionally.  I also think the upper thighs are a little bit longer than they should be, so he’s a little bit taller than ideal for Boomerang.

Suicide Squad

The articulation mostly has a decent range of motion with the neck being particularly good allowing for neck tilts and a more expressive range of motion than we’ve been seeing lately in DCUC.  The ankles are somewhat limited in forward movement due to the silver bracers on his boots butting up against the top of his foot.

Taking cover.
Taking cover.


The paint is pretty simple but clean.

The bad, the bad and the ugly.

Overall, I would have preferred Captain Boomerang in his classic outfit, but this version turned out to be a very nice figure.  It may be joining the Deputy Lanterns of wave 17 as a costume with the least amount of ‘screen time’ as Captain Boomerang wore this outfit for the ‘Brightest Day’ crossover and the DC Universe is set to be ‘revamped’ in September with all-new costume designs for seemingly the entire DCU.  Still, it’s really great to be getting more Flash rogues and filling out the ranks of my Suicide Squad.  I hope to see more characters from these sub groups in future waves of DCUC.


Thanks again to fwoosher TRS and for making this review possible.

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2 thoughts on “DCUC Review – Captain Boomerang

  1. other then his facial expression and the dark of the coat plus only having one boom arang nice to have another flash rogue finaly done by Mattel plus another member of the suicide squad

  2. he looks like a hobo. i totally don’t get using the double joints for this robot chicken creator, but giving the world class martial artist teammate single joints… mattel could divide by zero, i kid you not.

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