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Ask the Fwooshcast!

So as I like to hope you’re all aware, we have a podcast here at the Fwoosh, Which we have been doing for 23 episodes now.  We talk about all manner of toys, from DCUC and MOTUC to Japanese imports and (I swear to God) dolls. Dolls from the Royal Wedding. Never let it be said we aren’t diverse.

There’s a link to Fwooshcast just up there, above this post. Go on, have a look. I’ll wait.

There, did you like that? Oh good. we do work hard on it.


But the reason for my posting is a suggestion made by Gunmetalgrey from the forums. An “Ask the Fwooshcast!”  episode. At the risk of finding out that we had no listeners when we got no questions, I decided to go for it.

So ask us anything! Ideally make it toy related, but I’m relatively open. As well as the news (which is pretty significant this week actually) we’ll answer some questions. If it goes well enough and/or we get to many questions we’ll spread it over a few weeks (See that’s Optimism that is!), but I will be very excited if we get nough questions for a week.


So shoot any questions to [email protected], and God willing we’ll have more than 1 and this can be a proper segment!

Cheers all.

(All the top at the top of this post? sounded much funnier when I thought it up.)

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