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Ask Matty – 6/15/11

With SDCC waiting in the wings Matty will probably be a little cagy when it comes to new information. You know, saving it for the really big show? But fear not, we still have our answers to your burning questions!

1. With the recent reveal of the DCUC Wave 19 line up, can you confirm whether one of the characters will feature a second swappable head similar to Bronze Tiger from Wave 18 and the Green, Yellow and Red Lantern figures from the GL Classics waves?

Like Wave 5 and 14, there will not be a variant in this wave.

2. For the WWE Defining Moments line is it likely to stick to the upper tier of WWE Legends like Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker and Warrior or could the format be used for a slightly riskier choice whose attire could warrant the extra attire/detail like a Papa Shango or British Bulldog circa Summerslam 92? Not asking for specific wrestlers mind you.

Glad you like Defining Moments! Since the line represents our highest quality (and therefore our most expensive) figures, we’ve been sticking with the absolute top WWE talent to make sure they appeal to the widest audience.

3. Matty, without getting character specific (of course) can you tell us how many MOTUC figures/sets/beasts will be unveiled at SDCC? Will we be seeing at least through March of 2012?

We will be showing all of the figures for all slots through March 2012.

4. Since series 19 of DCUC was just revealed, through what series will we see at SDCC? 21? 22?

That is still being determined. There will be reveals at SDCC, but which waves are not locked down.

5. Is the final Swamp Thing figure going to have rips and tears in his “skin” like the early pictures you released? Fans need to know that the skin will be durable and hold up well over time.

This was an early prototype on display. The final figure is more durable.

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