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Ask Matty – 5/2/11

Since the first was on a Sunday, we bring you Ask Matty for May SECOND! For once, second place is not the first loser. Or something.

1. With the Dark Knight Rises coming out in Summer 2012 and what I’m sure will be a huge Batman presence at retail, what are the chances you guys will get to a 6″ scale Batmobile? Whether it’s a DCUC comic style, Movie Masters Tumbler or ’89 Batmobile, it is long overdue since the last one came out in 2003. Is it in the plans?

While a movie helps with something large like this, it is still a difficult item to do due to the high tooling and the overall limited market. Sure we’d love to. Only time and logistics will tell.

2. On the back of Nite-Lik’s package it says that his 1st comic appearance was in Green Lantern #61. That issue came out a few months ago with no sign of the character. Is Nite-Lik still set to appear in the comics? If so, when?

At the time DC Comics informed us this would be his first appearance. Obviously things changed. They have confirmed he is still set to appear soon. Once we know we’ll see if we can announce it on our news page.

3. Since King Hssss was produced with two torsos (one disguised, one snake) would you consider handling Mantenna is similar fashion, only in reverse? Would two sets of legs, one with four separate legs and one with two “fused” sets be a possibility for this figure?

It is doubtful we would do Mantenna with two different sets of legs (one with four, one with two “stuck together”). But since we don’t have a Mantenna in the works right now we really can’t say for sure.

4. Will Leech’s hands be made of a softer plastic like the vintage figure and if so, will they have suction cup ability?

They will not have suction cups but his net accessory will!

5. The Theatre Ghost that was revealed with Slimebuster Ray is missing its wings – any chance we can get those added before the figure goes into full production?

This question has already been answered several times in our Ask Matty section on! Check out our forums for the latest!

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