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Ask Matty – 5/16/11

Hey now, most of us don’t work on Sundays and neither does Matty so he is answering today. Take it away!

1. What is Queen Marlena’s dress made out of? It the material soft enough that her articulation will still function beneth it?

It is a thin plastic similar to the outfit worn by Catra. Her articulation does work but it will be hindered by the skirt in Queen mode since the dress goes to her feet.

2. Is the SDCC PoP Polly Pocket set a “one-off” type of item or can we expect another set or even an on-going series?

So far it has been a two-off item at SDCC 2010 and 2011. There are no plans for a regular retail execution like this, but if the second set is a hit there might be a third set next year. We’ll need to wait and see!

3. How will the Un-Men be packaged at SDCC? Will collectors buying Swamp Thing at the show be able to see the Un-Men when they buy them (so they know they got them)?

They will be polly bagged but will be inside the shipper box for the full SDCC show allotment.

4. Matty! Now that Marlena is coming to SDCC, it seems like the next Royal Family member that needs a figure in the MOTUC line is King Miro. Is he in the cards for the line? We need the long lost King of Eternia.

He is certainly a character we would like to get to one day, but nothing to announce right now.

5. Is Lab Coat Egon going on sale in May? What happened to him?

The GB schedule was shaken up a bit. He is the next figure and we will still ship 6 figures this year (plus the 7th club figure). We’ll get up to date release calendar’s posted soon!

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