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DC Universe Online… Classics?

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

I’m still coming down from the sugar rush that Toy Fair gave me this year. Lots of good stuff from an ensemble of companies, but Mattel stole my heart. Not only am I getting stuff like Bronze Tiger and the Syndicate, but they blew me away by giving me my pipe-dream: Batman Arkham City figures in DCUC style and scale. June can’t come fast enough.

The thing about this particular pipe dream is not only do I get Arkham City figures, but I also got Arkham Asylum (and the promise of sequel) figures from DC Direct, and these babies ain’t nothin’ to scoff at. This thing is so hot, both companies are pulling out the stops to cash in. With the game itself in fall, the Mattel toys landing in summer, and a new tie-in comic starting in spring, I can’t help but feel spoiled as all hell.

So, it got me thinking- Mattel and DC Direct are clearly tuned-in when it comes to multimedia properties, and since the DC videogame market has finally come of age, it’s not all that surprising that they’re starting to capitalize on what I think is a goldmine, but it’s refreshing and fun nonetheless. So with my particular favorite covered, I wanted to turn some attention to another formidable DC Multimedia property:

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of this one. The massive online role-player that lets you roam the DC Universe is getting some solid buzz, and thoroughly pissing off Xbox owners like me. With the game running at full speed and a bi-weekly comic hitting the stands, I think it’s time to complete the trifecta: some action figures!


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. We are already getting the DC Universe. Hell, there’s scarcely an established character in the game we don’t own a figure of, but hear me out on this one. Time was I agreed completely, and the Jim Lee designs we’ve been seeing for years leading up to release, while nice, were nothing to turn into plastic. After all, they were essentially straight-up modern versions of the characters. But that changed for me after seeing the game and the cinematics.

I’d love to see some kind of buildable character concept that would let folks get their hero/villain in plastic, even though it would be a logistics nightmare. In the meantime, though, the re-designs of the apocalyptic future of the DCU would make for some excellent toys. Some are dramatic in their looks, while others would make for easy re-tools (some just need scratches and stubble), and all of these have had their due in plastic, but as the challenge of keeping DC’s bread-winners on the pegs persists, at the very least these would make for some fun variations. Here’s my top picks:

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

I love Lex’s new heavy-cannoned armor. It’s got this nice combination of classic Luthor armoring, more modern organic-ish tech, and lots and lots of weapons. Sure, we’ve got a battlesuit Lex, but it bears only a passing resemblance to this one.

I actually hadn’t thought of it until I started writing, but Deathstroke’s more military design is not too shabby either. I’d take one of those over an All-Star re-release…



The Flash one was the first to really grab my attention. I love the texture, and it looks pretty sensible as far as armor goes, but it has such a severe look to it. Wally is definitely dressed for war.




At first glance, this instantly reminded me of the old DCSH Toxic Joker. Obviously nothing dramatic, but you slap some web gear and goggles on him, and throw in a big-ass rocket launcher, you’ve got some pretty fun add-ons that could easily go on our existing DCUC Joker mold.


Batman, Cyborg

Batman, Flash and Cyborg

You knew I’d have to include these guys. Both these designs look like serious battle gear, with Batman going knight-like, and Cyborg turning into War Machine. These two just look ridiculous awesome.


And if that’s too pedestrian for your taste, there’s always the other Batman look (Spoilers!)

Brooding Bat

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Another simple one, but I’m a sucker for anything that gives us an excuse for an armored Diana. This will do.

Brainiac Drones

Brainiac Drone

And last but not least, an excuse to get fleeced further, Brainiac-ites. I need little excuse for army-builders, and these look devastating. A squad of these hunting down your tattered hero/villain resistance makes your Manhunter collection look like girl scouts.

Brainiac DroneS. That's plural.

…This stuff is probably not for everybody, but as I said earlier, it’s a great opportunity to cross-over into the multi-media options. At worst, it could be seen as an interesting way to put out more variants of the major players of the DCU, and cash in on the videogame collectible market at the same time. There’s room on my shelf for as much cutting-edge stuff as there is timeless stuff, no matter how bad my credit gets.

5 thoughts on “DC Universe Online… Classics?

  1. This is awesome!! I would love to see this line! Lex Luthor in super battle armour is great!!!

  2. I can’t believe you passed up Metallo. To me that was the coolest redesign. Plus it makes sense for Metallo, since he often changes the look of his body.

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