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Ask Matty – 12/15/10

We are back with the Ask Matty edition of the year. Due to the holidays we will not be back until this time next month, but Matty and crew decided to give some exciting information with this last round. See you in 2011!

1. Given that Swamp Thing just appeared in the Brightest Day 100-Page Spectacular ( and not as a flashback sequence but as a vital element of that story arc), can he now be considered for inclusion in DC Universe Classics?

We’re getting closer. He is not a full fledged member of the DCU yet, but it looks like he may be headed that way and if he does we would love to get him in the line sooner then later.

2. So, everyone is waiting with baited breath for the next DCUC Metal Men figure to be revealed (come on series 17 or 18!). We know that Platinum, Tin, Lead and, hopefully, Doc Magnus are all requisite to finish off the classic team, but what about Copper? Can we count on her as being required to complete our DCUC Metal Men team?

Sure we could. And our goal (and Cornboy’s) is to finish the Metal Men as soon as we can.

3. Why did the GLC Kyle Rayner figure not have the original articulation scheme from the 2-up shown at SDCC? Since Kyle is essentially a “blank” body, this would open the door for a lot of other characters to have new articulation. Why did Kyle lose out to say, Black Hand (who kept his articulation)?

It was a logistical and cost issue with the figure.

4. In the last round of answers you said that larger figures might be possible for DCUC in the future. Matty, who do you personally want to see done in larger-than-before style? Anti-Monitor? Giganta? Elsti-Girl? Who!?!

All of the figures you mentioned would be cool. We’ve even talked about how neat a giant Spectre figure would be to battle the Anti-Monitor!

5. If the LoSH 12-Pack is successful on Matty Collector, would this be SKU that you are wanting to continue into future years/themes? Teams like the JSA or New Gods would be great material for such sets. If it is successful it would be GREAT to see it continue.

We would of course need to see how it performs, but if it is a hit we’d love to look at more giant packs (pending the Horsemen have the time to do that much sculpting. As is the LOSH pack is now coming out in late summer 2011, and it was originally going to be a holiday 2010 item!)

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