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Ask Matty – 10/15/10

Here is your mid-month fix for answers direct from Matty. Let the speculation begin on the next MOTUC female…

1. You recently confirmed that the MOTUC Eternian Guards will use Keldor’s boots, will their shin guards fit correctly over these boots? They were originally sculpted to fit on the Man-at-Arms’ traditional boots and it is important that they fit properly.

Yes they fit perfectly. We are looking at one right now.

2. At SDCC you said that the MOTU/DC two-pack Stratos would have corrected bracelets so that his wings fit properly (unlike the original release), is this in fact true? Will they possibly rotate?

Toy Guru jumping in on this one:

“Yup, we fixed that. I’ll admit, when fans were asking for “articulated wings” I totally thought they meant a hinge in the wrist like the 200X figure had. That’s why I said there was no intention to have articulation. Once another fan clearly explained what the issue was with images, I requested the change. Maybe one day we can implement this on original colors Stratos too. Although on a personal note the two-pack is the Stratos I had as a kid and it has been killing me not having this one! So glad it is finally coming out.”

3. Why such limited articulation on Gygor? The Ultra-Humanite figure proves that you can have more articulation on a gorilla body.

Artistic choice. This is how the Horsemen sculpted him.

4. Matty! Granny and the Furies were all over Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, does this help their chances of showing sooner in DCUC? Please!?!

Possibly, but we’ll need to see how demand continues. Interest in the Crime Syndicate died off pretty quick after the initial spike from Crisis on 2 Earths.

5. Since you confirmed that, once again, April 2011 will have a male Masters figure can you tell us what month we will be getting another female? We know you said 4 would be out in 2011, but man, it is going to be a long time since She-Ra.

The next female will be in May 2011. Also, initially She-Ra and Bow had opposite releases to spread out the females more. (So Bow would have been the second POP figure in June 2010.) Since 2010 was She-Ra’s 25th Anniversary we decided to swap them. That is one reason there has been a gap in females. It wouldn’t have been such a gap if She-Ra was in January 2011 as originally planned.

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7 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 10/15/10

  1. That first answer is total BS. “Yes they fit perfectly”

    – No, actually, they don’t.

  2. I want the Crime Syndicate!!!!!!!! I dont care if Its Silver, Bronze or Modern, Heck Mix and Match. I dont care as long as more are made!

  3. Interest died off? You’ve only made Ultraman? How could it die off without any other figures appearing?

  4. A female figure due to fan demand. Catra? “No, we messed that one uppp.” Will there be a new female buck? 4H: “We’re working on it.” Toyguru: “No.”

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