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Fwoosh’s Most Wanted – S.H. Figurarts Super Sentai Edition

As fortunate as I was to attend Power Morphicon, Bandai decided to make me and many other Ranger fans even happier by debuting the first ever Super Sentai (Japanese for “task force” or “fighting squadron”) S.H. Figuarts figures of the entire Power Rangers Samurai squadron and Megazord last week at Tamashii Nation 2011. This is basically Masters of the Universe Classics or DCUC for the Rangers fanboys. So with over 30 years of Sentai series fun at Bandai’s disposal, here’s my MOST WANTED Top Ten teams… and VILLAINS! Let’s not forgot our love of bad guys.

We are going to count down from Number 10 over the next few days, so get ready for a detailed list with lots and lots of pictures. We will, of course, have a thread for discussion out in the forums!


Mahou Sentai Magiranger (Magic Sentai Magiranger) was Power Rangers tapping into the Harry Potter craze. This series also featured the final role of sentai legend, Machiko Soga as Mystic Mother. Power Rangers fans knew her best as the original Rita Replusa.

Bandai did a great 1-2 punch with these toys. The Japanese zords were FANTASTIC in design, and even had a fully painted collector’s Megazord (Magiking), while the US basic figures were amazingly executed. They even had interchangeable civilian heads with some fantastic cast likenesses! If Bandai could wave its magic wand and get us MagiMother (the Winter Ranger) and Wolzard & Wolzard Fire (Knight Wolf) along with some sweet villain figures, I’ll be floating on air. No broomstick required!

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2 thoughts on “Fwoosh’s Most Wanted – S.H. Figurarts Super Sentai Edition

  1. While I have never been hugely attracted by Power Rangers/ Sentai so much I have kind of always wished that there were some really good, Figurarts would do, action figures of them or especially a decent small scale Megazord (almost any of them) with fully individual and connectible zords.

  2. This is truly a line I have waited for years for…….I’ve always loved the look of power rangers but felt the toys were inferior but now it seems we are going to get some awesome stuff.

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