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Ask Matty – 10/1/10

Here is the October First answer page!

1. I see that Wave 16 robin comes with a new grappling hook. Will the string be longer than wave one Batman’s was?

This is still something we are looking into and will come down to cost. We will have an update as soon as it is confirmed.

2. When will you be revealing more of the actual figures from the Legion boxset? Fans are dying to see more of the LoSH realized in plastic.

Hopefully by the end of the year. The Horsemen are still sculpting the pack!

3. I see that all of the DCUC 15 figures have capes and other pieces that are made of very pliable plastic – WONDERFUL WORK! Can we expect this to continue in future waves?

We are always working on improving quality and yes, hope to pass improvements to future figures as well!

4. Since Peter Venkman comes with a figure stand in November, will this start to be a standard addition to the line or will it be in order to get more stands, we will miss out on ghost/proton steam packins (because we need more of those too!)?

The stand and proton stream are exclusive to the Peter figure. Although, the Club Ecto Marshmallow Ray has a Marshmallow splattered base.

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