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Ask Matty – 5/14/10

Here are the latest DCUC, MOTUC, Ghostbusters and WWE answers right from the source!

1. Will we see more DCUC Waves with 2 females (such as in Wave 13)? Most collectors would be very happy if that became a habit instead of a rarity.

Yes, you will see some waves with more then one female down the road, but this won’t hapeen in every wave.

2. Are there any plans to incorporate Elite articulation into the WWE Entrance Greats line? For such detailed pieces, I wish I could do a wrestling move or two with them. Shawn Michaels not being able to do his trademark muscle pose feels like such a crime.

We do have plans for more articulation for all of our collector WWE figures. We are adding and improving all the time!

3. We have now seen the Toys R Us exclusive Batman, Green Lantern and Flash figures, can you reveal who the fourth figure is and what deco he/she will have?

We will show this off at SDCC!

4. When you get to an un-slimed Peter Venkman figure in the 6 inch GB line, will he have the same head sculpt as the slimed version, or will it be different?

He will have a different head. We have two approved heads to use, a slimed head and an unslimed head!

5. There is artwork floating around online of a proposed Horde “mummy” character that was possibly slated for a release in the line before its cancellation. Any chance of him showing up in MOTUC as an expansion to the Horde sect?

We do know the artwork to which you are referring. While we don’t have plans for this specific figure anytime in the immediate future, we are looking at adding quite a lot of figures in time based on concept art. So never say never!

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