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MOTUC – Optikk

Optikk arrived early this month, but I still didn’t take pictures of him until yesterday.  Check out more pics and some thoughts after the jump!

I had a strange timeline on Optikk here.  My card was charged on May 13, the figure arrived at my house May 14th and I got the shipping confirmation May 17th.  A little odd, but hey I’d rather get the figure prior to the shipping confirmation any day!

Optikk is the first character from the “New Adventures of He-Man” cartoon in MOTUC and what I think of as a ‘subscription tester’ figure.  When evaluating whether or not to go all in with the subscription I had to assume there would be some MOTU characters I never heard of or didn’t care about.  Mattel had confirmed at least one New Adventures character and two She-Ra characters in 2010, so I knew these would be an x-factor as I had little familiarity with the shows or characters.  Would my love for the sculpting style of the 4 Horsemen be able to carry figures of characters I had little or no attachment to?

I’m a big fan of the 4 Horsemen, so I made the assumption that I would like the figures and went with the subscription.  I feel like it was a good bet so far as I’ve liked Adora and I ‘m pretty pleased with Optikk.

Optikk comes with a shield, a blaster and an extra eye.  The accessories are a decently solid enough plastic that they didn’t warp in the package.  I like that the shield and gun barrel both have an eyeball theme to them.  The gun is a little tough to get into decent blaster firing poses as his arms are so thick as to preclude some of the more standard two arm firing poses.

The figure is mostly cast in gold colored plastic, but there are plenty of little detaild paint ops on the rivets and wires all over Optikk’s armor.  I found these to be pretty well done for the most part, but I did have a few bits of gold slop from the inside od the figure’s boots marr the black sections on his knees.

I had to look up what the original Optikk figure looked like, but this guy is a pretty faithful translation of the original design.  The chest armor is an attachment piece on the standard MOTUC chest and looks great while retaining full ab crunch articulation.  It seems thinner and better fitted to Optikk’s body than other large armor parts in MOTUC like Randor’s and Horkak’s armor.  The standard body ab crunch is covered by a piece that attaches to the body like a belt.  That piece can slide under the upper armor when using the ab crunch articulation.  

The eye does not quite have the range of motion as other MOTUC heads because the armor restricts it a bit.  It’s not a deal breaker, but slightly disappointing.  The crotch piece does restrict the range of leg motion slightly more than the standard furry underwear does as well.  It’s not too bad, though.

I think really my only complaint with Optikk is that he is a little too gold.  He kinda becomes a wall of gold there.  It’s overpowering.  I can’t fault that too much as that is the original design, but a few more purple and black highlights might have helped with the Mono-gold look.

Despite his overtly sci-fi look, I think Optikk fits in nicely with the rest of the MOTUC collection.  The parts re-use and the wackiness of his central conceit of eyeball headed man feels like MOTU to me.  I’m glad to have him and I’m glad to be one more part closer to Man-E-Faces!

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