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Ask Matty – 4/1/10 (For Real This Time)

Toy Guru is back to give us real answers that Faker Matty tried to pass off as something more than Magic 8 Ball musings!

1. Last year during the Matty SDCC presentation the MOTUC Army Builder 2-packs were mentioned (there was even a slide in the presentation). It has now been 8 months since then and there hasn’t been a hint of this SKU. Can we expect these 2-packs to be revealed any time soon? We need some Horde Troopers, Royal Guards, and Snakemen!

This SKU will be revealed at SDCC 2010 in a few months!

2. The way that you and the Horsemen have systematically built a library of bucks for DCUC over a series of waves has worked very well for the line, but there is an ongoing need for even more variety in body types. Without giving away any specific character plans, can you tell us what new type of bucks might be introduced over the coming year?

We’re pretty much at the point that the major re-usable bucks have been used. We may still create some 100% or 90% unique bucks for characters with special forms as well.

3. While the original Classic Detective Batman sculpt is great, it has been reused MULTIPLE times with every subsequent Batman figure. Will this be case for the life of the line or can we expect a new Batman sculpt? A lot of collectors feel it has been used enough and it is time for an update. Thanks.

Yes, we do have plans for new versions of Batman not to long from now!

4. When a small team is started in DCUC (i.e. Doom Patrol, Metal Men) is the whole team planned out in advance for up coming waves (ex: Gold wave 14, Tin wave 16, etc) or is it more ” we have them planned for some time in the future but nothing is set, we’ll get to them eventually”?

It’s a little of both. Some of the teams we know exactly when the remainder are coming; for others we know we have a few members left to get to and they are put into a pool of “need to do” in upcoming years.

5. Since Catra was often shown with her mask on her face, on her forehead and off completely, will you engineer the mask so that it CLIPS on rather than plug into a big hole in her forehead like She-Ra?

We tried clip on masks and they just were not working. For Catra, it is more likely we would do two heads for her: one with her mask on and one with her mask off. For the record, the “hole” in the head for She-Ra was intended to be us “going the extra mile” for the fans by letting them display She-Ra’s mask more then one way instead of just sculpting the second mask on in one position! The hole gives fans more options for display!

Thanks, Toy Guru!

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5 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 4/1/10 (For Real This Time)

  1. “Yes, we do have plans for new versions of Batman not to long from now!”

    Does this make anyone… nervous? I’m seeing Neon Night Ninja Batman in our future…

  2. Is it just me or did Matty just give clear concise answers. And telling good news too. And answering some of the same questions again in the exact same manner. Like, for all the Matty answers that are just nothing, this one pays off. Weird!

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