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First Look – DC Universe Classics Wave 12

DC Universe Wave 12 - Iron, Mary Batson, Darkseid, the Spectre, Eclipso, and Copperhead

Fwoosher disturbedwarrior was kind enough to shoot some pictures of his set of DC Universe Classics Wave 12 – the Darkseid Collect and Connect wave – at least until the batteries on his camera gave out. For those of you wondering if these have already hit retail, they have not. Mattel shipped some characters in solid cases to online retailers – Big Bad Toy Store still has Desaad and the two variants of Mary Batson available, but sold out of Copperhead. Entertainment Earth got the same figures and still has Copperhead available.

Here’s disturbedwarrior’s thoughts on the Darkseid Collect and Connect:

Darkseid was a B***h to put together because of the plastic ring around the peg of the torso where you collect the lower body. I had to boil the two pieces to get them to connect.

Now, onto the pics!

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