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Nacelle Company: Sectaurs Series One First Look

The Warriors of Symbion are back, thanks to the Nacelle Company, and Dragon and Stellara are leading the way.

Sectaurs was one of those lines that I was completely unaware of when I was a kid. Debuting in 1985, the short-lived cartoon was supported by a pretty incredible action figure line. I say that as one who had not become aware of them until I was a “grown up”, but I can tell you this, I would have been over the moon about Sectaurs when I was a wee lad.

Which is why it is pretty awesome that they are being brought back now as part of the larger (and building) Nacelle-verse. Like the G.I. Joe Classified Series, I feel fortunate that, while I did not get to collect the vintage line as it happened, I am glad to be able to collect this modern incarnation, because the figures are quite good. They are a bit different than most figures in lines that are contemporary interpretations of old toy lines, but if you are a Sectaurs fan, old or new, I think you will enjoy these figures.

In terms of looks and aesthetics, these new figures are slavishly true to the originals, and I appreciate that. YES, the sculpting is updated with some modern sensibilities and great details, but these figures elicit the old line effortlessly, and think that Sectaurs aficionados will appreciate that. Additionally, these figures are SOLID. They are very well made with great construction and strong joints, so they certainly balance the modern sensibilities. Furthermore, the paint is very clean on both figures, and the airbrushing (particularly on Stellara) is especially nice.

The accessories are great too, and Sword of Skall is particularly important because it is so iconic, especially within that KILLER Sectaurs logo. Like the figures themselves, the accessories have a very retro feel to them, and that includes the solid color paint jobs. I am torn on this as I do appreciate the added details that more paint applications can bring, but the weapons do look great in their dark gold visage.

I will say, that while there are some good modern joint configurations on these figures like double knees and (ostensibly) double elbows, I wish there was more articulation added in other places. I completely understand – articulation schemes impact function AND form, and often times, the latter is held in higher regard and articulation is adjusted accordingly. We see that in lines all the time, and that is perfectly fine, and often times agree with much of those choices.

That said, I DO with there was some more/better points in some places. The necks are twist only, and I really with the heads had a ball joint as well as posing is limited by the lack thereof. Towards that end rocker ankle joints, wrist hinges, and thigh (or boot) cuts would be very helpful for posing here as well. Like I said, I completely understand wanting to keep articulation in check for the sake of the look or ethos of line, but I think it can be balanced.

As it stands though, these will fit in GREAT with all of you favorite nostalgia lines like MOTU Classics, ThunderCats ULTIMATES!, etc., so I think many collectors will be glad to welcome these into their collections, so DO NOT SLEEP ON THEM. BBTS has them available for pre-order, so go getcha some.


Dargon is the logical choice for being in the first series, and he is retro in the best way. I think he will be the one people who just want a little Sectaurs representation in their collection will be after. For you fans in this for everything, he is a wonderful start to this line.

Dargon’s accessories include:

  • Sword of Skall
  • Shield of Skall
  • Twin Venguns
  • Slazor


How cool is it that Stellara is in this first wave. A un-produced or “lost” figure from the days of yore, this warrior of the Shining Realm is a great new/old addition to Symbion. I REALLY love the colors on this figures and the shiny armor and airbrushing make her so dynamic.

Stellara’s accessories include:

  • Dagger
  • Shield of Skall
  • Double Barrel Vengun

*Thanks to the Nacelle Company for sending these along for a first look