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First Look – Seventh Kingdom Queen Alluxandra (both versions)

Four Horsemen Studios Fantastic Exclusive 7th Kingdom Queen Alluxandra and Her Royal Council Queen Alluxandra Summer Version

There is nothing I like more than subjecting fwooshers to my reviews. And without further a-do I give you a review of Queen Alluxandra from the Four Horsemen’s Fantastic Exclusive Seventh Kingdom line. And especially for you all, we will be showing of the Queen Alluxandra Swimsuit edition (or some of us like to say… party pants version). Read on fellow fwooshers for more!

What can be said about this beauty standing 6 inches tall, long legs, great feet, stacked rack, long read hair and stacked to hilt with armor and weapons, this Queen is ready to take on an army of woman eating mutants.

Both figures are decked out with the usual quality sculpting that we come to expect from the Four Horsemen, especially on the Fantastic Exclusive line. The detail in the armor is amazing and the sublte detailiang such as the leather texture on the boots is excellent.

The Four Horsemen continue to impress me with their weapon design, the standard sword and staff are top notch, but the addition of the removeable knife on the front of the belt is aces. One thing that collectors need to be very aware of is that the weapons are fragile. I’ve broken a number of weapons getting them out of the packages and I broke Kromius spear last night putting it in her hands. While the design and detail is fantastic, the weapons are better left protected in a glass case.

As a female figure this sculpt is top notch. The proportions are great and the figure looks like a female, with one little exception. The ball hips are hideous, granted you never see them because the skirt covers them, but for customizers or hobbyists thinking about removing the skirt, think twice, it’s not a great transition from upper thigh to hip to waist. Funtionally the hips work fine, visually no.

The hips are offset by the wonderful legs and fantastic feet. Perfectly proportioned!

I love the head sculpt. It is fantastic to me. It might be the eyes or the lips or the overall shape. Maybe it’s the hair, I don’t know but I’m a fan.

In order to avoid crucification for not mentioning paint, I’m mentioning paint. It is good. It is solid. Pabs is pleased.

Articulation is awesome, loaded to the hilt with ball hips and thigh swivels and double knees and elbows and bicep swivels and side to side ankle joints there are not a lot of positions left to imagination. 25 POA in all and the only limiting factor to posing her is your imagination, her skirt and fur coat. The coat is a very still piece of plastic and does inhibit movement. The skirt is designed so that it looks great but it does impose movement on the hips, in other words squatting poses might be out.

There are 2 versions of the queen out. One in her winter garb looking good for the winter battles and victory banquets and the other a “bikini” version which has Alluxandra ready for a romping in the hot jungle climates of the 7th Kingdom. I should warn you though… there is not much bikini in the bikini version, in fact there is more “Party Angela” than anything else. He-man isn’t complaining…

My final evaluation? A must buy either version, winter or summer. Head on to Store Horsemen and pick yours up today!

Oh, and to avoid further complaints from the editor (see below) please order your Kromius today!

Editor’s note: Pabs fails for not mentioning that you can order your own Kromius here: Order the Fwoosh Exclusive Kromius Action Figure by the Four Horsemen