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CC24: Nasty Boys by Caenman

An obscure team to release as a toy line, but Caenman Customs do like the 90’s cartoon series as we’ve seen before at CustomCon. Hearing the call in forums and across the net for return and development of such character Caenman Customs has released a cracking quartet that is sure to add value to everyone’s collection.


The new 5″ toy line from Caenman is a villan team long lost but much loved. Seen more in the 90’s cartoon X-men than ever in the comics, the Nasty Boys were a classic bunch of super villans that did the bidding of Mr Sinister. None of the team ever saw production to action figure till now. And being a 90’s team they will match other figure released in that time. Figure include Slab, Gorgeous George, Hairbag and feild leader Ruckus.

Name: Caenman

email: [email protected]


Gorgeous George – Carnage base, Kay-Zar head adn Doc Oc coat.

Slab – Gray Hulk base with real leather waist coat and added eyebrows.

Hairbag – Wolverine (savage land) and Bishop (flyers) shoulder pads.

Ruckus – Peter parker base, Jubilee jacket, Herculies head.