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CC24: Infinite Legends Series 1 by DanOfTheDead

Infinite Legends
by DanOfTheDead
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Newcomer toy company DEUS EX PLASTICA makes its Custom Con debut this year with their premiere line, INFINITE LEGENDS. Based on and inspired by today’s modern mythologies, INFINITE LEGENDS is a 3 3/4″-4″ line of super-articulated action figures designed to showcase the heroes, villains, and other legends who might not otherwise be realized in plastic. Series 1 consists of 6 figures from comics, films, cartoons, and even online musicals. Though they may come from vastly different sources, these characters all have something in common: they’re all modern myths and just a handful of a long line of INFINITE LEGENDS!


First on display is DOCTOR MANHATTAN, from Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN. While a prototype of this figure was scooped earlier this year, no one could have known what DEUS EX PLASTICA had in store to follow it up. DOCTOR MANHATTAN is an iconic representation of the god-like Super Hero, and proves INFINITE LEGENDS is all about celebrating the characters and concepts that celebrate the rich mythology of comics.

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE – Iceman – Entire Figure
Washed the figure with blue glass paint to darken him up and bring out some details. His hydrogen symbol is actually stamped into his forehead and washed with black paint. He was one of the first “dream team” figures I made, and as that concept grew, I realized it would make a great Custom Con project!


From Mark Millar’s WANTED comes THE KILLER, aka Wesley Gibson. The world’s greatest assassin sports a look heavily based on his comic book costumed appearance, as well as art from the video game tie in to the film.

GIJOE ROC: Firefly – Head
GIJOE ROC: Storm Shadow – Arms
GIJOE 25th: Wild Weasel -Torso, Hips
GIJOE 25th: Wetsuit – Thighs, left holster, lower mask
GIJOE 25th: HISS Tank Driver – Boots, right holster
STAR WARS: Clegg Holdfast – Goggles
One of the last additions to the lineup, I was unconvinced he’d come out well until I pieced together the face mask. My wife helped do the detailing paint on him which really brought him to life. I’ve wanted a custom of him to face off with a custom of Invincible for a long time, and thought this a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.


And what better foil for WANTED’s THE KILLER than INVINCIBLE from Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same name. Mark Grayson appears here in a costume based on his original comic design, though with added detail for a more “real-world” look.

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE – Gambit – Head, torso, legs
GI JOE 25th: Cobra Commander – Upper arms
GI JOE ROC: Flash – Lower arms, hands
I wanted to experiment with metallic paint to give his a look somewhere between spandex and armor. I had started the figure initially as part of a project at, but when I missed the deadline there, I knew I’d finish him eventually and slotted him for this project.


Perhaps one of the most interesting choices for the line is none other than INSPECTOR GADGET’s arch-nemesis, DOCTOR CLAW. A CustomCon DEUS EX PLASTICA representative explained, “In Series 1, we wanted to showcase what a ride variety of inspirations our characters would be coming from. And while it might not seem like a silly 80’s children’s show would fit in with the rest of these characters, DOCTOR CLAW is an excellent villain who’s right at home among the ranks of COBRA COMMANDER, MILES MAYHEM, DOCTOR DOOM, or LEX LUTHOR.” And now, he can stand among them on your shelf! DOCTOR CLAW’s design is based on, of course, the iconic gauntlet seen throughout the run of the cartoon. But he’s also based on the only known depiction of his face, from a late 90’s INSPECTOR GADGET toyline. DEUS EX PLASTICA shows they’re not afraid to take a little artistic licence turn a great character into an amazing figure! Also shown is MECHA-MADCAT, a new take on DOCTOR CLAW’s familiar pet.

STAR WARS: Bacta Tank Luke Skywalker – Head
GIJOE ROC: Destro – Torso, arms, legs
GIJOE 25th: Mutt – Gauntlet arm
GIJOE ROC: The Doctor – Hand and claw
CHAP MEI? – Spikes
TRANSFORMS: Ravage – Mecha-Madcat
There are so many awesome re-imaginings customizers use as their basis… I wanted to take a somewhat silly concept and try to make it more dire, and when I saw the movie Ravage design, something said “Mad Cat!” to me. Of course, I wasn’t that interested in modding the toy, so I knew I’d have to make a Doctor Claw to accompany him.



Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated figures from Series 1 are CAPTAIN HAMMER and DOCTOR HORRIBLE from Joss Whedon’s DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-ALONG BLOG. DOCTOR HORRIBLE appears in his EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL costume, the dramatic costume change that signifies his ascent into true super-villainy. Both he and CAPTAIN HAMMER sport detailed sculpts based primarily on their appearance in the online musical, but as our DEUS EX PLASTICA rep explained:
“We wanted to remain true to the look of the characters, but also wanted to tweak and update them just a bit, as if Whedon’s little web-project that could had a budget that matched its greatness. So CAPTAIN HAMMER has a raised emblem instead of an iron-on decal for his hammer symbol, and gets some fancier boots and gloves. Meanwhile, DOCTOR HORRIBLE gets a much more detailed labcoat and comes with an updated freeze-ray.”

GIJOE 25th: Recondo – Head
GIJOE 25th: Outback – Forearms
GIJOE 25th: Destro – Gloves
GIJOE ROC: General Hawk – Torso, upper arms, legs

GIJOE 25th: Chuckles – Head
GIJOE ROC: Storm Shadow – Torso, Labcoat
GIJOE ROC: Flash – Legs
GIJOE 25th: Firefly – Goggles (lenses from Gambit’s staff)
STARWARS: B-Wing Pilot – Arms and gloves
I’m really proud of these two, by far my favorite of the bunch. I initially thought of trying to make every character in this series a doctor, but decided to go with figures I was more interested in instead of sticking to such a restrictive theme. My wife’s steady detailing did a great job on Hammer’s logo and really brought the look together perfectly.


What’s in store for future releases from INFINITE LEGENDS and DEUS EX PLASTICA? Our rep supplied the above teaser pic, and promised more iconic characters and surprise “guest stars” in the line, adding that the next series is already in production. They also hinted at a second line of figures that would imagine some fan favorites in a very different, but not at all unfamiliar style.

Final Note:
I’ve been wanting to join in on Custom Con for a long, long time. I’ve been customizing for well over a decade, but it wasn’t until the past summer when I had a lot of time on my hands due to a lay off and surgery that I really started to feel like I was getting anywhere with my hobby. There are so many great communities online to learn from, and you can find me on the forums of,, and, username DanOfTheDead. All are great communities for customizers, and I would love to hear comments and suggestions as I really hope to follow up with a second series of figures! Hope you’ve enjoyed my first contribution to Custom Con!