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CC24: Captain Power by HipsterDoofus



Here at Mattel, we’ve completely run out of ideas for new toys, and with Hollywood only putting out remakes of old properties, we have no new toy licenses. So we dug back in the archives of old toy lines and remembered that Captain Power was pretty cool. Remember Captain Power? Remember the interactive videos? Those were cool. We didn’t bring those back, but we did bring back the figures. Now in 6″ scale. Look for these wherever Mattel products are sold such as eBay, toy trading message boards, sellers, flea markets, and local comic book stores.


Customizer Name: HipsterDoofus
Figure Line: Captain Power

Captain Jonathan Power:
Ruby Quartz Armor cyclops
XMC Magneto
ML War Machine hands
LCBH Judge Dredd gun
Sigma 6 Iron Grenadier shoulder pads
MLFO Red Skull upper arms
Sculpted helmet, Krystal Klear emblem

Cpl. Jennifer “Pilot” Chase:
Movie Invis. Woman
BTVS Darla head
Sculpted hair, fodder pieces

Lord Dread:
Baron Von Strucker head
Nightcrawler chest
Deathlok arms, leg, hands
XMC Magneto feet
ML Iron fist leg

Maj. Matthew “Hawk” Masterson:
HML Ult. Iron Man torso
XMC Magneto arms
ML War Machine boots
XMC House of M Wolverine wings
TNA Chase Stevens head
Sculpted helmet

Lt. Michael “Tank” Ellis:
DCSH Mongul
LCBH Savage Dragon head
21st Cent gun
Sigma 6 Heavy Duty bullets
LCBH Clownface hands
Sigma 6 Snake Eyes visor
Sculpted helmet
XMC Juggernaut lower legs