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First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Webstor

motu classicsHot on the heels of what can only be called the easiest “Matty” day so far (I know you all got your Tri-Klopses), Toy Guru comes through again by providing us with and advance copy of the September Masters figure –  Webstor! One of my favorites as a kid, I had high hopes for this figure. Is he up to snuff? Read on to find out!

Like I said, Webstor was one of my favorite MOTU figures as a kid. I loved his design, color and, most importantly, his cool backpack and grapple. Webstor and Trap Jaw were an awesome team – Webby would get them to the high places and then T.J. would slide down the string and wreck He-Man’s party. It was glorious. So, when Webstor was announced I was a little surprised he was coming so soon, but I was thrilled and his figure does not disappoint.


I know a lot of people are big fans of the 200x Webstor redesign, and with good cause – I think it was one of the strongest re-imaginations. I am a classic-head though, so even though Webstor is one of my favorites, I never owned the Staction. This figure was worth waiting for though, and not to fear 200x, as you have seen, the extra arms on his back (not removable from the backpack) are a great homage to the modern design without sacrificing the overall classic feel.


Again, the Horsemen did a great job updating the old figure, and his head sculpt really shows that. Also, like the old figure, the new one is made up primarily of the Skeletor buck. The combination of dark blue and bright red works as well as it did back in the day and most of the paint applications are very clean, especially around the fangs. Oh, and don’t let the dark color fool you, there is plenty of subtle airbrushing around the muscle lines in the chest, arms and legs.

For his accessories, you know he has his grappling backpack, and it looks just like the 80s version. There are a couple of departures though: first, there is a nice clip on the back that you can put the actual hook in so that it doesn’t just hang. That is the plus side for me. The downside (again for me) is that the string just simply runs through the backpack, he won’t actually “climb” when you pull it like the old figure. I know, I know, Mattel has been clear from the start that there would not be any action features in this line, but I was still holding out a little hope since the feature was in an accessory, not in the figure itself. It is a small thing, but it would have been fun to do, at least for nostalgia’s sake.


Oh, and don’t forget his gun – again, it is a great translation of the old accessory, but it has a lot of nice detail and some sparkly paint in the crevices that makes it pop.

So, just as soon as you have your Tri-Klops ordered, Webstor is ready to join the throng. He is the first figure of the 2009 subscription service and he is a great lead in – Skeletor’s ranks are being filled in nicely. Overall, I am really pleased to have him and he will be displayed very prominently in my collection. I think that he is one of my new favorite bad guys, he doesn’t beat Mer-Man but he moves right into second place. Check out the pictures and see for yourself and if you did not pop for the subscription, be sure to be on at 12:00 pm EST on September 15th.


*Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Toy Guru for sending him along. Be on the look out all this week, we have a ton of DC stuff to review for you!

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  1. Hah! LMAO!!!
    Webster is Webstor! That’s just classic! 😀

    But seriously, that is one awesome figuyre and I can’ wait to get mine! 😀

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