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First Look – Superman/Batman Public Enemies

mattel_logoWe have a bunch of new Mattel DC stuff for your viewing pleasure coming this week, but up first is a first time treat – a look at four of the new Superman/Batman Public Enemies figures! These six-inch figures are based off of the designs from the upcoming DC Animated movie, but for some, you might be able to fudge them in with your DC Classics collection. Read on to see some pictures and read some thoughts on this new line that will be invading your nearest Target soon.

As revealed at last month’s San Diego Comic Con, this new line of figures is being done to support the latest DC animated movie, but more importantly to us toy collectors, they are being handled by the same all-star team behind DC Universe Classics – the Four Horsemen. That being said, you know you are going to get top of the line sculpts that use some parts from the DCUC line. That being said though, if I am not mistaken, the males do all utilize a new buck body that seems to be exclusive (thus far) to this series. Oh, and they also borrow the DCUC figure stands, but this time they are cast in grey plastic and imprinted with the movie’s logo (one stand is included with each figure).


The real kick is going to be whether or not you like the style cues from the movie. Personally, I think that Silver Banshee (and possibly Major Force, not featured) will fit in okay with DCUC, but everyone will have to make that choice once they have them. You can be certain though, if you want to display this line autonomously, they all look great together. I really hope that this is a sign of things to come from Mattel, and in the future, this might be the best way to show toy support for a movie.

Of the four figures I have on hand, I have to say that Batman is my favorite. I really like the costume with the big Bat-symbol, and his head sculpt is probably the best of the bunch – he has a very square jaw. As seen before, he and Superman have painted (not sculpted) boot lines, I am not sure if that was a cost measure or a stylistic choice, but take it for what it is.


Speaking of Superman, this is certainly a departure from most of the Superman figures we have gotten in the past. He has a very source-accurate head sculpt, but other than that, he looks like classic Superman. I actually like the costume’s red and blue choices much more than any previous Mattel Superman – they are lighter and brighter and feel very classic to me. He does have a bit of a tan though, so I am not sure if a straight up head swap for a classic Supes would be possible, but it might work just fine.

Icicle and Sliver Banshee are two of the line’s villains and I am really glad to have them in my collection. Like I said, this is going to come down to a personal choice, but I am going to fudge them into my DCUC collection. Icicle will hopefully get a classic chance sometime down the line, but I have to say, a lot of the little things they did with this figure are really, ahem, cool. His head and arms are cast in translucent plastic that has been frosted to give a great icy effect. Also, with the addition of the neck/collar piece, it adds some height to him that makes him stand up above the rest.


Silver Banshee is a very detailed figure as well, I just wish that they had used the larger Wonder Woman buck for her, she is almost 7 feet tall after all. I am not a huge scale freak, but it is noticeable to me so others might take issue with it. That not withstanding though, she does hit some nice notes with an appropriately kinda-scary head sculpt and the black and white costume deco will really stand out.


As you can see, I am missing Black Lightning and Major Force, but I hope to add them to my collection once the line starts hitting Targets. Thus, I cannot comment overall on the Brimstone Collect and Connect figure, but the pieces I do have boast that he will be a very hefty toy. His arms are especially nice as they start at the shoulder with a solid red paint job and move toward red translucent plastic as you come to his fists, a nice touch. Also, I think of all of these figures he will meld the best with the DCUC collection. One thing to point out with him – he is, in fact, missing the thigh cut joints on the leg pieces. Being that he shares parts with Kilowog, I would imagine he will too. I am not 100% sure that what I got was a final production piece, so it *might* be put in later (if not on Brim’ then maybe on ‘Wog).


Finally, I have to say that I really like the packaging for this line. It is complementary of the DCUC packaging but with it’s own style and personality. I especially like the art from the movie used on the front of the card. Each figure is prominently displayed on the card back and the rest are featured as “mug shots” below. If you are fan of the DCUC packaging, you will probably like this, just don’t miss the stand hidden behind the great Superman artwork on the front.

So, I have to say that this is a fun little semi-compatible DCUC line. All of the figures match the source material quite well and I might have a new favorite Batman figure, I really dig him. I hope that this line is successful (I am almost positive it will be) so that we get another crack at getting an assortment like this in the future, maybe based off of another animate movie. I will be on the lookout for Major Force and Black Lightning when these roll into Target next month and I think once people have these babies in hand, they will catch on fast. Can’t wait for Brimstone!

*Thanks for reading, and thanks so much to Toy Guru for making this possible! We will have more DC looks each day this week (including more Public Enemies figures) so stay tuned!

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