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Marvel Universe Secret Wars Two-Packs – Wave 1 – carded

I hope you folks appreciate this.  Instead of helping my wife pack for our trip to San Diego (Comic-Con woooo!) I am taking pictures and posting.  She’s getting mad!  That’s not supposed to start until Comic-Con!  (For clarity, I mean all three things – the pictures, the posting, and the getting mad! :D)

Here’s a close look at the first wave of carded figures from Hasbro’s upcoming Marvel Universe Secret Wars comic packs.  First, the fronts:

  1. Captain America and Klaw, with Secret Wars #1
  2. Wolverine and Human Torch, with Secret Wars #2
  3. Spider-Man and Thunderball, with Secret Wars #3

Secret Wars #1 - Captain America and Klaw.JPGSecret Wars #2 - Wolverine and Human Torch.JPGSecret Wars #3 - Spider-Man and Thunderball.JPG

The numbering is based on what issue of the comic will be included as the pack-in.  Many people have pointed out that the characters included in the two-packs aren’t necessarily linked to the comic pack-in.  I’m sure that very clever people will figure out a how to pick figures according to issue number, but I’m guessing that for making each wave balanced with heavy hitters, this was probably too hard to optimize for sales.

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