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You Are Being Recruited For The BROWN LANTERN CORPS

In the chair all day, under fluorescent light
No re-run shall escape my sight
Let those who toil day and night
Beware our shower…Brown Lantern’s might!



That’s right – while Lanterns of all colors from Green to Black prepare to do battle in an exciting space romp this summer, the Fwoosh is assembling a Corps all of our own – one that better fits the Fwoosh lifestyle with the color to match.

The Brown Lantern Corps! Sloth, indifference and passive-aggression are the tenents of our Corps, and we are taking a relaxed attitude toward recruiting members. While Fwoosh staff will do little more than wander around the floor of the San Diego Comic Con in our casual uniforms, you can now become a member and order a shirt that will do the work for you in declaring your allegiance to all things FWOOSH!



Go ahead, order your official shirt and sport it like you barely care! Then you can join us in enlisting new recruits. Maybe. If we get around to it.

The Brown Lantern Corps
– embodying the laziness those other Corps don’t seem to have time for.



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