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Fwoosh Toys: Ninja Scroll Kagero Now Available For Pre-Order

The new Fwoosh Toys Ninja Scroll Kagero pre-order is now live!

From now until November 30th, you can pre-order the next figure in our Ninja Scroll line – Kagero! She will be ready to join Jubei, but only YOU can make this happen! This is a crowd-funded effort, so we have to make our minimum pre-order amount by the end of November, otherwise she will not move forward.

We are working on completing the final figure tech sheet, including approved colors, but we wanted to get this going as soon as we could. You can pre-order from the following spots:

PRE-ORDER AT BIG BAD TOY STORE (not charged until shipping)

PRE-ORDER AT FWOOSH STORE (payment plans available via Shop)

We will be providing a LOT of updates this month, so stay tuned. We are excited to move forward with more figures for Ninja Scroll, but only YOU can help make that happen!

As always, thank you for your support!