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Nottaa Collections: Enveloped Yaomo Series Cyan Lion Pre-Order

The Nottaa Wukong was one of my favorite figures last year, so I’ve been closely following their releases since then. This week put up their latest figure, the Cyan Lion in a couple of different versions as well as a couple different versions of a really dope throne accessory too. The standard version comes with a bunch of accessories including hands, an alternate sword, skull and cape. He looks amazing fighting Wukong and friends.

Seperately, you can purchase a snazzy skull throne for him.

There’s also bloody variants of both items which has me torn. I love the look, but I’m not sure I want him bloody all the time and I definitely do not want to buy two. The bloody variant also has a lot more blood splotch accessories too.

The only thing that gives me slight pause on this guy is that his elbows look like they get very little range of motion. Still, what an amazing presence this figure has.