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Matty Collector – Hordak on sale June 15

Courtesy of the Matty Collector Face Book Page

Wow, is it already May! Holy cow this year is flying by. We are already up to Zodac in a few days and Hordak next month. 

To get preped, here is the close to final Hordak carded images. (the actual sticker on the front will be a bit cleaner cut, this one was done by hand for the photo). But Hordak is already produced and likely heading for a boat this week to make his way to our distribution center for sale next month! 

We produced Zodac, Hordak and Man-At-Arms in the same quantity as Mer Man (who was produced in higher quanty than previous figures himself). In reaction to the quick sales of Mer Man last month we have increased production again, and the first figure we will be able to increase is Tri-Klops.

We are committed to continuing to work with fans to increase production and hit that sweet spot. In the meantime, here’s Hordak carded! Note the longer “Grayskull” loincloth and increased paint ops on the final version. 



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