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MOTU Subscription Service Sign-ups Start 5/18!

mattel.gifGreat news, MOTU fans!

Nothing bums me out more than fans not getting the figures they want. So, to make sure you get all your fave MOTU figures, I’m starting a subscription service! All the details will be on the sign-up page when it launches, but here’s how it’s basically gonna work:

From May 18th through May 22nd (five days only), come to to sign up for the 2009 service. Every month, from September through December, you’ll be guaranteed to get the figure of the month at current prices, for a total of four. Once you sign up, you’re in for the whole period (subscriptions can’t be cancelled). Exact figures will be announced approximately three months from each on-sale date. Figures can either be shipped and charged once per month as they become available, or they can be held for the year, and charged and shipped together on December 15th. You can sign up for as many subscriptions as you want during the five day period. No limit! Figures will also be available at on the 15th of each month without the subscription. So, if you want extras of some figures, you’ll still have the option to buy more — but availability won’t be guaranteed. The subscription will only be for the figure of the month, and won’t include convention figures, or other special figures. Subscriptions for the full year 2010 will be available in August 2009.

It doesn’t get a whole lot easier. Sign up once and you’re done… MOTU figures just show up at your door! No worrying about being logged in when a sale starts, or a figure selling out before you get one.

Again, complete details (including all the legal mumbo-jumbo) will be on the sign-up page. And remember, you can get as many as you want but subscriptions will only be available for five days, so mark your calendars for Monday, May 18th!