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Demanded Characters – Ocean Master

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we take a look at one of the foes of a charter that we already have 3 versions of in the DCUC line:  Orm Curry, the half brother of Aquaman, AKA Ocean Master.

Last week the modern and original versions of Guy gardner were in a real fight to see who came out on top, but in the end it was the modern version that won.

Batman and Superman both have multiple villains in the DCUC line, and why shouldn’t the rest of the heroes have more villains? Just look at all the new gods and their villains coming out this year.  Yes, we did get Black Manta in DCUC wave two, but that does not mean the Aquaman is done. He popped up in wave seven, and has a variant in wave two, so he should have more villains in the line. 

While Black Manta may be Aquaman’s most recognizable villain, Ocean Master is right up there and should be part of the line.  His history, like most in the DCUC, has a pre and post Crisis explanation.  In pre crisis he had no powers, and was Aquaman’s human brother, while post Crisis makes Orm his Atlantan brother.  Like most siblings there is an immense rivalry, so much so it was the subject of a Brave and the Bold episode.  Orm’s powers are magical, and whenever he gets the chance he tries to make his brother’s life a living hell.  He has been a part of many evil villain groups; from taking orders from Luthor, to Libra most recently.  While his costumes have been similar, he has some looks that once again the Horsemen could do an amazing job on.  

Let’s take a look at the different costumes the Ocean Master has had over the years. All these versions would be easy ones for Mattel using a Lightray body and adding a cape, they would only have to make new heads for him.  When it comes down to him, the real question is what color you prefer for him.
First up we have the very purple choice, including a pink sting ray on his chest.  This costume is much more simple than all the other choices.  While he has his signature fins on his mask, they seem much less detailed then his other looks.  

His next look is only slightly different than the first look.  The shade of purple is much more red in this version and he got rid of the pink sting ray, replacing it with a white one.  

The next look is much darker than the previous ones.  The color is mostly black with a purple cape, and he starts to look more like a threat than the other two in much lighter colors.  

The final look for him is all black, just like his other Aquaman rogue, Black Manta.  This look is the most menacing of them all and makes him look like a true villain.  
Overall Ocean Master is an easy character for Mattel to put together, so let’s help them pick the right color for this evil underwater fiend.  

Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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