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Marvel Gigantic Battle Results – Winter ’09

{mosimage}As hard as Pabs has tried, the staff motto has remained constant all these years – if you wait long enough, someone else will do it.  And so it is with the Gigantic Battles portion of the latest Marvel Top Ten.  Fwoosher rwsharpjr got so fed up waiting for us to count it up, he did it himself.  And for that, Pabs is sending him a “Free Back Rub” card all the way from Denmark.  Congrats, rwsharpjr!

But enough with the free back rubs.  You want the results – so, without further ado, here are your top picks for the upcoming Gigantic Battles series! 


#5 [16 votes] Dragon-Man

Fwooshers can’t seem to get enough of Dragon-Man, or even find him in stores in the first place.  Yes, we got a Dragon-Man in the Fantastic Four Classics line from Toy Biz, but even though you could argue that he was the biggest single carded figure in Toy Biz history, he wasn’t big enough to satisfy the Fwoosh.

Toy Biz Dragon-Man would argue that it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean. 

#4 and #3 [Tied with 20 votes] Lockjaw and Stature

Perennial favorite Lockjaw dropped down a few notches, from the top spot in our Build-A-Figure category in the last few Top Tens.  Either Fwooshers got tired of begging like a pooch for a pooch, much to hagop9’s dismay, or they just didn’t think he fit the Gigantic Battles theme, given that so far we’ve just seen humanoids in the line.  

As for Stature, well, I just didn’t connect with the Young Avengers (and Mighty hasn’t been all that great either, despite my admiration for Dan Slott), so I’ve got nothing to say about her, other than I hope that you guys don’t mind if they re-use the Phoenix body for her.

#2 [29 votes] Black Goliath

R.I.P. Bill Foster.  I know that all those secret files packed in with Marvel Universe have been nicely tied into the recent Secret Invasion storyline, but it sure would be fun to turn the dial back a year and have a Civil War-themed set.  

Hasbro could include Black Goliath in a Gigantic Battles set with a classic Thor (hmm, there’s another reason why the Clor name made so much sense!)  For fun, they could do a chase variant, with a gaping hole in Black Goliath’s chest.

And in the #1 spot with a crushing 73 votes… Sentinel

In a landslide, Fwooshers want to see Hasbro re-release the Build-A-Figure Sentinel that really got the Marvel Legends line rolling, way back in ML series 10.  Although we haven’t seen much mutant representation in the Marvel Universe line yet (perhaps in deference to all the mutants in the Wolverine movie line), having a Gigantic Battles Sentinel would offer an opportunity to repack another Wolverine, and we all know how much we love Wolvie variants!

This Fwoosher hates to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the word on the street is that Hasbro does not have access to the old Toy Biz BAF molds, so this choice may not be as easy to make happen as we might hope.  Take heart – an old coworker used to tell me that he doesn’t think of things like this as challenges – he thinks of them as opportunities.  Most days I wanted to punch him.  Re-tooling a Sentinel would make a lot of sense, given that the House of Ideas is long overdue for a huge mutant cross-over event that changes the Marvel universe as we know it!

Here’s the full results:

Yes, you saw right – someone does want a Gigantic Battles Gwen Stacy.

 * Notes from rwsharpjr:

There were 3 votes for Goliath, without a specific version, but others did specify, so I counted them seperately.
There was 1 vote for Dreaming Celestial, and 2 for Celestial, so I counted them seperately as well. 


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