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Make My Marvel! – Meltdown

In memorium.

Spoilers, btw.

Make My Marvel! – Meltdown

Tabitha Smith was essentially white trash.  Shortly after her mutant ability to create balls of explosive energy manifested, Tabitha used her powers to make her abusive father’s food explode in his face.  Pa Kettle then proceeded to beat the hell out of Tabitha, causing her to run away.  She began calling herself Time Bomb and ended up traveling with the otherworldly Beyonder for a time.

Upon her return to earh, Tabitha renamed herself Boom-Boom and fell in with the Vanisher’s gang.  She eventually realized the dangers of this and contacted X-Factor.  After the gang was broken up and/or arrested, Tabitha joined X-Factor as a trainee.  She and several other trainees dubbed themselves the X-Terminators and managed to do not do very much before the team was meshed with the New Mutants into X-Force.

Again changing her name, first to Boomer and then Meltdown, Tabitha finally began to mature as a part of the paramillitary X-Force group.  The team operated underground to strike at millitant anti-mutant threats.  Following the departure of Cable, X-Force was led by Pete Wisdom, who aided the team in faking their own deaths that they might strike even harder and more super-secrety or some such drivel.  The new, harder-edged team speciallized in wearing much black leather and and getting canceled.  The team disbanded several times, the final instance following defeat by a another, harder-core-er group claiming the X-Force name.

As part of the Nextwave team, Tabitha returned to the Boom-Boom codename.  Though short-lived, the team took down a massive secret organization, Fin Fang Foom and the nigh-omnipotent Forbush Man.,himself.  It was also during this time that it was discovered that Tabitha was immune to mind control as she apparently had no mind to control.  Oh, hillarity!

Boom-Boom next joined the X-Men at their new headquarters in San Francisco, shortly before she was kidnapped by the Leper Queen to be used as a living timebomb.  The new and improved X-Force attempted to intervene, but was transported to the future by that dick Cyclops at the moment before they could kill the Leper Queen.  In actuallity, the Leper Queen had been hoping to be killed and, in her frustration, put a bullet in Tabitha’s head, apparently killing her.

Which version of Meltdown do you most want made for Marvel Legends/Universe?

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