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At The Movies with SCB – I Love You, Man

{mosimage}After two weeks off, we return this week with I Love You, Man. This is a great refreshing comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jason Siegel of Apatow fame.

manI was hoping for the next great Apatow type comedy, but this took a fresher direction by avoiding that and just being a very funny buddy comedy.

Paul Rudd channels Michael Cera’s awkward straight guy persona, except he’s awkward around guys. He’s just awkwardly funny and great.

Jason Siegel plays great off of him, this time avoiding the pathetic guy from Sarah Marshall. Both are hilarious.
There’s a machine gun of good supporting cast members that include Andy Samberg, JK Simmons, Jaime Pressley, Jon Favreau, and more including Lou Ferrigno.

It’s sort of a simple story of a guy who doesn’t have any guy friends, told in a very creative way.

Highly recommended.


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