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Demanded Characters – The Female Lanterns

Welcome Back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  Wrapping up our month long look at the Green Lanterns, it might be fun to make a hard choice.  One thing we have not talked about this month are the females, so if you had a choice of one Green Lantern Lady, could you make a choice?

Last week the question of new characters in this classic line was mostly clear. While the more the better, they are too new to take up the slots for classics characters.


The Green Lanterns are not just tough guys.  They are space police and like all police, there are female officers.  Two of the most famous female Lanterns are Katma Tui and Jade.  Both have strong connections to other famous characters, but are very famous in their own right.
This week’s question is not so much what version of the character, but which is a more demanded Character, Jade or Katma Tui? 
Let’s look at our ladies:

Jennifer-Lynn Hayden grew up as the daughter of the hero Alan Scott and villainous mother Rose Canton.  Thought she started life as a normal kid she had a star shaped birthmark on her hand, and this mark was the mark of the star heart: the source of her father’s powers and the future source of he own powers.  When she was older the powers manifested, and turned her whole body green from head to toe.  She was just as powerful as her father, and took after him by becoming a hero.  Her connection with the Green Lanterns was not limited to her parents. After she lost her powers during a battle with the Starheart, she took on a normal life until the new Green Lantern Kyle Rayner came into her life.  They became very close and when all the readers thought he was going to propose, instead he gave her a different type of ring: a Green Lantern ring.  She became a real Green Lantern, helping Kyle continue the tradition of the Lanterns, until Kyle was able to restore her original powers.  During Infinite Crisis Jade met her end dying her her fathers arms, and passing on part of her mind and her powers to Kyle.  

Katma Tui: Sinestro says time and time again he is the greatest Green Lantern ever, but the people of Korugar disagree.  He used his powers to take over the planet and controlled them with an iron fist, until the rebellion.  The pink skinned people of the planet were led by a woman named Katma Tui. The Guardians offered her Sinestro’s role in the Green Lanterns as thanks for her role in taking down Sinestro.  She accepted but found that her native planet was just as scared of her as they were of Sinestro.  They hold a deep hatred for the Lanterns that still carries on today.  Katma trained and, while at first was not a fan of John Stewart, eventually fell in love with him.  She was killed at the hands of Star Sapphire, and later resurrected only to be killed again at the hands of a parallax infected Hal Jordan.  

Both females are a must for any DCUC collection but if you had to choose one to be part of the DCUC line who would you pick?  I know most of you say they are very similar so why not have one regular and one as a variant, like in the case of Artimus and Wonder Woman, but someone has to be the first choice, so: Jade or Katma?

Some images courtesy of Comic Vine

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