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Demanded Characters- John Stewart

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week let’s continue our journey through the Green Lantern universe and take a look at a Lantern that not only represents Earth, but is the face of the Green Lanterns in the JLU, John Stewart.

Last week our readers had fun listing all the possibilities for Green Lanterns in the DCUC line.


Who is John Stewart?  I know some of you would say he is the host of the Daily Show, but the John Stewart of the DCU is one of the most famous Green Lanterns of all time.  He was an architect and his abilities were useful for more than slinging a ring.  He was an alternate for Hal Jordan. In a time when the skin color of our heroes seemed only to be white, John was a black hero. Initially his stories made him a supporting character, always having to live up to the example set by Hal Jordan. Eventually he found his own following and his own voice, and was able to surpass race and take a leading role. 

The Lanterns were all largely under Hal Jordan’s broad shadow, until Hal’s rampage during the 90’s. After the rampage, John as well as all the other Lanterns, lost their powers.  While most say this hurt the Green Lantern title, it actually gave a voice and character to all the other former Lanterns. John learned to live as a civilian, but stayed in the scope of the Green Lantern world. In the time when there was only one Green Lantern, John was an important supporting character to the book.  John became a mentor and a friend for Kyle Rayner to learn how to be a hero. It was through those stories that much of the public became aware of the person known as John Stewart as a hero, not just the back up Green Lantern.

When Hal came back and Kyle helped reform the Corps, John signed right back up, and became Hal’s partner on Earth, instead of back up.  This new role has given John a spot in the JLA and a level of respect in the entire DCU, facing off against the Sinestro Corps and many other threats that have faced the DCU in past years.  I think his success is also due to his involvement in the JLU cartoon, which has made him a name that most kids think of as the main Green Lantern.  

The Green Lanterns of the DCU tend to wear the same uniform unless they are from earth.  It seems like those earth cops in green like to update their looks often, and John is no different.

His classic Green Lantern costume with the symbol is one that I think most of us Super Powers fans and kids of the 80’s would love to have.

This look sets John apart from the rest of the Corps and gives him some individuality without the Green Lantern on his chest.

When he came out of retirement with a much more modern look it looks like his new design in the DCU came from the DCUC.  He is still a Green Lantern wearing the symbol; but with a few differences, making him an individual within the Corps.

Some image courtesy of comic vine

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