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Demanded Characters – Damage

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we continue our look at the younger members of the JSA.  This young man is a volatile part of the JSA really in need of the guidance and control the elder members of the team can provide.  Though he has had a rocky past, this guy has the power to become a new icon for a new generation. This week we take a look at Grant Emerson, Damage.

Last week we took a look at Alan Scott’s son, Obsidian.  It looks like in this case the shadow form took a beating and the Classic won.

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Grant Emerson is a product of the 90’s: he is a teen with a ton of baggage who can’t control his powers.  He was infused with the DNA of all the great heroes in the DCU and is the biological son of a golden age JSA member, being controlled to some extend by a villain.  Grant was a genetic experiment led by Vandal Savage, who was really the son of the Golden Age Atom.  When he turned 16, his powers manifested themselves as explosives bursts, destroying half of Georgia.  This event put the spot light on Grant and the government got involved. A trial followed and put Grant into the custody of the Titans to control and protect.  

Coming out of the big event of the 90’s, Zero Hour, Grant played a big role in the in the DCU recreating the universe with his abilities and helping to stop Parallax.  While Grant was never really lifted to great heights in the DCU during the 90’s, he stuck around on various teams until Infinite Crisis. Grant’s true depth of character has come out the past year as part of the Freedom Fighters, and now as a member of the JSA.  

As part of the JSA, Grant is no longer a teen with issues but a 20-something with issues, surrounded by some of the best heroes in the DCU.  He was lost in the shuffle of the Titans, but has found a stable and supportive home with the JSA.  The team has not only given him support but also credibility, and he is one of the most important characters coming up in the DCU today.  He is a legacy character but he has issues which are the more of the real world type of writing that makes comics more appealing in today’s world.

There are a few choices to see Grant in the DCUC:

One of his looks from the 90’s is not that impressive.  A simple black and orange outfit with biker-like boots.

Blue orange with khaki is a look that almost makes him look a little like an adventurer.  I think this makes him look like a cross between a Superhero and Brendan Frasier from the Mummy.

Finally his new look in JSA is really the first time he stopped trying to be different and really looks like a super hero.  The look not only makes his character more iconic but also pays respect to his father the Golden Age Atom.  

There you have it: if Damage is part of the DCUC how do you want him?


Some images courtesy of comic vine and Titans Tower

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