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Demanded Characters – Beast Boy

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we will focus on one of the longest lasting stars of the Titans.  He has been an adventurer, the kid of the team (Doom Patrol), and a Hollywood star; but as a Titan I would say he is more of the comic relief.  His shining personality and his green skin make him an unmistakable member of the team. Gar Logan: Beast Boy. 

I think most of us are in agreement that the Perez era of the Titans is a must have for the DCUC line. 

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Who is Beast Boy?

While on a trip with his parents Gar Logan was stricken with a rare disease- a disease curable only by the blood of a green monkey.  Using the healing power of the monkey not only saved Gar’s life but also gave him green skin and allowed him to change shape into almost any animal.  When his parents died he was adopted by two members of the team Doom Patrol.  He became a son to the pair, and he also became part of the superhero team.  He would later strike out on his own and became part of the Titans family, first as more of a comic sidekick, and now as a mentor to some of the younger heroes. 

The great thing about this character is that most of his costumes are very similar.  This will allow most of our choices to be made and the runners up could to easily become a chase variant. 

I think the big question is what is the best option for this figure? 

Collect and Connect:
What if we offer a new idea, not a build-a-figure, but a build-an-animal?  I would love to see a build a rhino, or cheetah.  Something Beast Boy is known for, but we could never get on its own.  As a collect and connect there are options for this figure to get both a great figure and a bunch of green animals he morphs into.  I could see Mattel using the Grodd mold with a new head to get us a great big Green Ape, while including an additional  small Beast Boy C&C figure.  Picking characters that really don’t have accessories for this line would allow Beast Boy to really shine and give us a large and small C&C figure.

Regular figure:
I think Beast Boy would make a great regular figure.  He is small in size, and using a body similar to the modern age Robin would be able to be packed with multiple small animals that he morphs into: a bird, a dog, or a rat.  This would be the simplest way and could be our best chance, but not one that I think all would be happy with. Another option is for his variant to be a modern uniform, with a different animal.  Any way they pack him he has to come with an animal.

SDCC or store exclusive box set:
I think the best option is this one, but it would be a hard sell, however, hey we are getting a Lobo.  Something like a Beast Boy safari pack would be a great box set for the convention season.  It could come with a Gar, a Green Ape, a Green Cheetah, Green Birds or other small animals.  Great box art that DC loves to do for its exclusives would make this a must have for all DC fans, and including two figures and original Changeling and a modern Beast Boy would make this the best Exclusive to date.  The one draw back would of course be the lack of availability.  But given the exclusiveness of this figure I think it would be the only way we would get all these accessories in one place, or the ability to get them all for him with our resorting to customizers. 

I think we need to voice our opinions and help Mattel make this classic character the best they can.  So in stead of a poll this week, lets have a discussion: what is the best way for Mattel to get us Gar Logan, Beast Boy?

*some photos courtesy of Titans Tower and Comic Vine

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