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Ask Mattel 6/30/8

mattel.gifToy Guru has checked in with the latest round of answers to all of our questions, so check them out!

1. There seems to be a major shortage of the Movie Masters figures at retail recently. They were here and then gone and the pegs have not been replenished. When can we expect to see more of these?

Movie Masters figures will continue to ship throughout the year. Orders will likely increase after the film is out as well.

2. Since the Collect and Connect execution seems to be very successful in the DCUC line are you considering expanding it to other lines? Perhaps the new Masters of the Universe Classics line?

Anything is possible in the future, but at this point the MOTU Classics line will not have collect and connect figures. We’ll have more updates and the latest information on this new and exciting line at San Diego Comic Con.

3. Is there a maximum size in place currently that C&C figures can be in DCUC. The sizes for Rex, Grodd and Grundy have all been right on but what about really tall characters like Atom Smasher, Giganta and S.T.R.I.P.E.S. going forward? Many fans have expressed interest in these characters (especially the former two) to be at least 12" tall, is that possible?

Due to cost limitations (and packaging size) the largest these figures are likely to get are about 10”. That is still pretty impressive over a standard 6” figure!

4. If you could pick one adjective to describe a theme for what we are going to see in DCUC for 2009, what would it be?


5. Aside from the second round of 2-packs coming to Toys R Us, are there any more exclusive DCUC items due out before the end of the year that we have not heard about yet?

Yes. We will be announcing all of the remaining 2008 product at San Diego Comic Con

Thanks again, Toy Guru!


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