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Make My Marvel! – Gladiator (the more obscure one)

Superman + mowhawk = 70’s funktastic awesome…. that, and a possible lawsuit.  Shhh!  Nobody tell DC.

Last week’s poll re-cap: With 46% of the vote, you chose Titanium Man I (Boris Bulski) with his manly manskirt as the version of the character you most want made for Marvel Legends.  Coming in a respectable second place was Titanium Man III with 24%.


Make My Marvel! – Gladiator

Gladiator, also known as Kallark, is an alien of an unrevealed race and origin.  Kallark is the Superman of the Marvel Universe– minus most of the truly heroic aspects.  Kallark’s abilities include flight at supersonic speeds, heat vision, ice breath, Hulk-level strength, near invincibillity, etc.  The strength of most of these powers is directly proportional to Gladiator’s level of confidence.  That mean’s he has to be an utter toolbag.

As previously stated, it hasn’t been revealed where Gladiator originates or from where he gained his powers, though it’s been hinted that he may have been one Galactus’ heralds prior to becoming Praetor of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard.  Loyal to a fault, Glady will follow whomever is crowned leader of the empire, reinforcing his grand toolosity.  This usually pits him against Earth’s greatest heroes.

When not being the main lackey of whichever evil bastard has seized control of the Shi’ar throne on any given week, Kallark has managed some selfless heroics.  Recently, he fought the Champion of the Universe in an effort to free the planet Skardon from his tyrannical rule.  And, just prior to the events of Emperor Vulcan, Gladiator had attempted to gain access to the Uni-power with the aid of the Silver Surfer in order to capture a dangerous intergalactic villain.

Despite his near-godness, Glady has been whomped on several occasions, the highlights of which include Cannonball wiping the floor with him using his blasting shield, Wolverine defeating him single-handedly in arena combat (the details of which have yet to be revealed) and Cassandra Nova making him literally wet himself.

Since there’s not much point in asking which version of Gladiator you want most (we can pretty much assume the classic would win in a landslide), instead this week I’m asking which alternate version of Kalark you’d most want made as a possible variant.

Which version of Gladiator do you most want Hasbro to make as a variant for ML?

Captain Universe:


X-Men: the End:


Marvel Zombies:


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