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Make My Marvel! – Night Nurse

It’s April 14: International T&A Day*.  And, since Aunt May in a g-string is unlikely, instead let’s swab for staph with the ladies of Night Nurse!


*Holiday may not actually exist

Last week’s poll re-cap: It turns out a cult-ish few of you had actually heard of this rather obscure individual despite the overshadowing titanic popularity of the other Gladiator, Melvin Potter.  Like I needed to tell you.  Since Gladiator in his classic/modern/always costume would be a given for an action figure,  last week’s poll let you choose which variant (if any) you’d want most for Glady.  With 48% the majority of you chose No Variant for Gladikins, while 27% chose Captain Universe as the variant you’d most want made.  In any event, a good, classic Gladiator would be easy money for Hasbro.

 Make My Marvel! – Night Nurse


Yes, ma’am.

Night Nurse was a limited series from Marvel surrounding the lives of several nurses working the night shift at Metro General Hospital (duh.)  There are actually three different women that the title "Night Nurse" has been applied to in their never-ending battle against respiratory MRSA, full colostomy bags, and, their arch-nemisis, Miss. Brundage and her overly-large feet.  The horror!

Christine Palmer:
Christine left a midwestern suburb to pursue nursing against her father’s wishes.  At nursing school, she became roommates with Georgia Jenkins and Linda Carter.  Despite initial hostilities, the three women shared a deep devotion to their work and, from that common ground, built a friendship.  Eventually, Chrisine and her father made peace, though he still did not condone her career choice.  Christine became romantically involved with a physician who was abusing alcohol and pain pills on the job.  When his issues cost a patient her life, Christine was forced to reveal his substance abuse to an inquest board.

Christine was depressed over the situation, so she left the hospital for a time to work as a home health nurse.  She ended up instead busting an international drug ring before returning to Metro General.  Naturally.  She later helped the X-Man Nightcrawler investigate a series of paranormal events, during which she developed an attraction to the mutant.  Their relationship ended when it became clear that the two could never be more than friends.  Christine claimed to be returning home to Kansas, though was last seen still working at Metro General.

Georgia Jenkins:
Georgia grew up wanting to be a nurse.  Following her graduation, she divided her time between Metro General and volunteering in her old neighborhood.  Georgia’s brother became involved in a terrorist attempt to bomb the hospiral Georgia worked at.  In the end, he turned against his cohorts, but was shot for his efforts.  Georgia’s brother recovered and, despite his help at the end, was sentenced to ten-to-twenty at the state penetentiary.  Georgia became bitter over this and her morals were tested when the man well-known to be the actual mastermind behind the bombing was brought in with a gunshot wound.  She initially took sadistic pleasure in his pain and almost declined to aid him when he was placed in her care.  Eventually though, she felt remorse for her earlier attitude and redoubled her devotion to her career.


Linda Carter:
Right out of the gate, Linda broke the cardinal rule of nursing by dating her first patient, a very wealthy individual.  When he later gave Linda the ultimatum to marry him and leave her career behind, Linda chose to end the relationship and finish nursing school.  Linda graduated top of her class and remained at Metro General.  In a likely effort to appear less bimbo-ish, Linda has since gone raven-haired and is currently dating Dr. Strange.

How to make it: The Mary Jane figure from the SM3 6" line would make a good base for any of the Night Nurses.  The lower legs would have to be re-done, along with a new upper torso and headsculpt.  Despite this figure’s obvious mass consumer appeal at retail, NN might do better as either an e-tail exclusive or as part of a 2-pack with Shuma Gorath.  If anything, it’d be a huge hit in Japan.  If you don’t know why, you’re better off not knowing.

Which version of Night Nurse do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

Christine Palmer

Georgia Jenkins

Linda Carter (original blonde)

Linda Carter (modern)

*Some images courtesy of ComicVine* 

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