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Demanded Characters – Kalibak

Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters.  This week we will take a look at Kalibak, the deceased son of Darkseid, and decide: to connect or not connect? in order to get this great figure. 

Recapping last week: the discussion was heated, and we voiced our opinions to Mattel: Please continue the movie line after the Dark Knight and include the great characters like Christopher Reeve.

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The question that came to mind this week is: “What makes a good BAF?”  While
Metamorpho was a nice first figure he was certainly not a large BAF.  The only reason he was a BAF was he was in the first wave, so they wanted to play it safe, and he had 3 major accessories. It is very apparent why the current BAF figures like Grodd and Grundy are BAF’s: their size makes them impossible to get into a normal bubble.  The next two BAF’s, Metallo and Despero, are both larger figures that would warrant a BAF.  But the question still remains: “What makes a good BAF?” I mean, is Despero the way he looked at NYCC really a big figure that could not fit in a bubble?  I’m not yet sure. 

One figure that is on a ton of top 10 lists is Kilowog; he is certainly big enough to make into a BAF.  Some of the others, though, are questionable.  I think characters like Giganta and Plastic-man can go either way, depending which version and what you want from the figure.  But there is one figure that I think can be either a normal figure or a BAF and still be great, Kalibak.

Who is Kalibak?
Kalibak is the first son of Darkseid, and a great warrior whose power and savagery grew, while his brother Orion was part of the trade which kept the peace between the 2 warring worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips When Scott Free escaped, Kalibak came to his father’s side, acted as his first in command, but he was never able to live up to Orion.  Most of his battles were against his half brother Orion. 

Why he should he be a regular figure: 
In the 1980’s Kalibak was famous to kids because of his Super Powers figure.  He stood hunched and was shorter then Darkseid.  In the cartoons, he was a wide character but not very tall.  In the DCU directory he was listed at 6’9’’.  I think he would be fine as a normal figure, somewhere around the size of Clayface or Demon.  With the larger window on the package he could easily fit. 

Why he should be a BAF:
With his current look he now sports a height of 7’9’’ and is a beast.  His colors have changed to green and yellow, and his head is the size of a giant bouncy ball.  Some pictures make him look like he towers over the rest of the new gods, and he can now look his father in the eye.  He is so large he casts a shadow completely around Superman when the Man of Steel lifts him over his head.  His current look makes him a shoo- in for a BAF

So Kalibak: to connect or not to connect, that is the question this week. 

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