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Make My Marvel! – Agency X

In honor of the 50th and final issue of Cable & Deadpool (a week late), this week’s MMM! spotlight is of the group variety.  Let’s give the supporting cast their due with Agency X!

BTW, nice Doorknobs.marvel.gif

Last week’s poll re-cap: With 39% of the vote you chose classic Mastermind as the version of the character you most want made for Marvel Legends.  The power of the cleavage compelled you to give second place and 24% of the vote to the original’s daughter, Lady Mastermind.


Make My Marvel! – Agency X

Agency X was a mercenary outfit run by Alex Hayden and staffed by a slightly insane crew of misfits, including the Merc with a Mouth Deadpool.  Despite the late addition of several new members, the roster remained mostly unchanged from the last few issues of Deadpool, through Agent X and to the end of Cable & Deadpool.

Agent X (Alex Haydn):

When Deadpool’s dna and grey matter got mixed with that of mercenary Nijo, Alex Haydn, aka Agent X was the result.  Alex’s new, re-wired brain gave him amnesia and he became convinced he was Deadpool.  When the real Deadpool re-emerged, Alex blamed Wade for his insanity and swore vengeance.  Yeah, that never really went anywhere and, later, when Alex was exposed to an A.I.M. ray that simultaneously gave him arthritis and made him 500 lbs. of love machine, he hired Deadpool to be Agency X’s main merc until Alex could work off the weight.  Despite the all twinkie diet, Alex has yet to shed the baby fat.

Sandi Brandenburg:

Sandi is Agency X’s receptionist.  After breaking up with a physically abusive boyfriend, Sandi dated Taskmaster for a time.  Despite her winning taste in men, Sandi’s a great gal.

Irene Merryweather:

While technically not a member of Agency X, a spotlight of C&DP supporting characters wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Irene.  Irene was a reporter following the exploits of Cable when she became entangled in Nathan’s nation-building agenda.  Even though her romantic feelings for Cable were one-sided, Irene staid on to help Nathan and, by extension, Deadpool whom she can’t stand.


Weasel’s been Deadpool’s tech support almost since day one.  As the name implies, he’s pondscum with the morals to match.  While dodging serious prison time, Weasel became leader of a sect of Hydra.  In reality, Weasel had only joined to get out of a tight spot and to use Hydra’s resources to perfect his teleportation tech via the Penetraitor/Penetrator armor.  He’s only marginally loyal to Wade, though the reason he hangs around Agency X is for protection and, more likely, they’re the only ones that put up with him.

Bob, Agent of Hydra:

A total coward, Bob joined the many limbed Hydra organization for the health benefits.  His near total-uselessness and constant pleas for his life amused Deadpool to no end, so he kept Bob as a pet.  Ever since, Bob’s gone completely Stockholm Syndrome and follows Deadpool despite the verbal and physical abuse.  During his downtime, Bob enjoys updating his Myspace page and practicing his hiding techniques.

Which member of Agency X do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

Agent X


Irene Merryweather


Weasel (Penetraitor)

Bob, Agent of Hydra

I’d rather have them all in a boxed set (including Outlaw)

None.  (I’d rather have ML Bea Arthur.  Sweet, sweet Bea.)

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