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Make My Marvel! – Siryn

It’s St. Paddy’s day, that most wonderful time of the year where the beer goes in green and, often, comes out that way.  How appropriate that this week’s spotlight is both Irish and an alcoholic.  Let’s drink ’till she’s pretty with Siryn!

I’m Irish so I can make fun of my people’s stereotypes.  If you laugh at it, that makes you a racist.  Also, it’s a hack joke, so it makes your sense of humor very sad and pedestrian.

Last article’s poll re-cap:  With 47% you chose a boxed set of Agency X consisting of Agent X, Sandi, Outlaw, Irene, Weasel and Bob, rather than any single character on his/her own.  I’m not sure if it was disdain of the characters or the universal love of Maude that drove you to put uberhotty Bea Arthur in second with 23%.


Make My Marvel! – Siryn

Theresa Rourke is a mutant with the ability to modulate sound in the form of a sonic scream via her vocal chords, a gift she inherited from her father, the X-Man Banshee.  Theresa’s mother died during her birth.  Banshee, believing both had perished, never returned home.  So, Theresa was raised by her uncle, the criminal Black Tom.  Along with the Juggernaut, the three committed several crimes before Tom was imprisoned.  In his only known instance of decency, Black Tom revealed to Banshee the truth about his daughter and took full responsibility for the crimes, exonerating Theresa.

Theresa was reunited with her father and soon moved to Muir Isle where she met and began a brief relationship with one of Multiple Man’s duplicates.  She later joined X-Force where she often performed the role of field leader.  Her teammate Warpath developed an attraction to Siryn, but it was one-sided.  Instead, Theresa became romantically involved with Deadpool.  The two had an on-and-off relationship for a time during which Siryn tried to steer Wade away from his Merc-ish ways.  Theresa eventually developed a problem with alcohol, which she was finally able to admit
to herself with the help of Warpath.  Her time with X-Force ended when another teammate, Feral, slashed Siryn’s vocal chords.  Left completely mute, Theresa left the team.

Stealing a sample of Wolverine’s blood, Deadpool was able to heal Theresa.  Instead of returning to X-Force, Siryn joined the Paris branch of Professor Xavier’s X-Corps.  When the team failed spectacularly, Siryn left to join Multiple Man’s X-Factor Investigations.  By this point, Theresa had honed her powers to the point that she could influence behavior using sonics.  She’d become so confident in herself her powers a brutal attack by a rival firm was particularly traumatic for her.  Siryn’s rivalry with Monet St. Croix turned into a tenuous friendship, which became strained when it was revealed that both women had slept with Jamie Madrox (and one of his
duplicates) on the same night.  Theresa has since learned that she’s pregnant with Jamie’s child, a fact which she’s thus far only revealed to Monet.  Despite M’s urgings to have an abortion, Theresa’s decided to carry the child to term and is still trying to find the right time to tell Jamie that he’s soon to be a proud (or not) papa.

Which version of Siryn do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

First Appearance


X-Force ver. 1

X-Force ver. 2

X-Force ver. 3


Age of Apocalypse

X2: X-Men United

X-Men: The End

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